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What are your thoughts on Rand Paul?

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It seems that every time I hear the news, the name Rand Paul keeps coming up, and it seems that he is out to do what he wants and thinks is right, regardless of whom it angers. According to one blog, even the NRA is not thrilled with some of his view points.

And now, he is threatening to filibuster the gun bills in the senate. (Bravo by the way)

I have to admit that I know very little about the guy. I know he is the son of Ron Paul, who the media has classified as an extremist, and he is a medical doctor. The part that impresses me the most is his willingness to burn the status quo, rock the boat, and make a noticeable stand for what he thinks is right. I also have to admit, that I support many of his libertarian viewpoints. I also love his second amendment view point.

Personally, I would love to see a Rand Paul/Marco Rubio ticket in a few years. Two younger guys, both with strong convictions, great ideas, and a will to restore this country to greatness.

What are your thoughts on Rand Paul? Do you think he has a shot at the WH?
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A heck of a lot better then the community organizer we have now.
Picking up where his dad left off..........Go Get'em.
This is not the place for my thoughts on Rand Paul, or any other politician. There are political forums for that.

I will say that it appears he made a mistake in crafting his amendment to the PATRIOT (NOT) Act. And that the NRA made it clear how the amendment could be the cause of more problems than it would solve for gun owners. His heart is in the right place... He's trying to defend us...

But I could (I won't, but I could) say that the anti's hearts are in the right place, after all (though their efforts are misguided) they want to do something "for the children" and it scares them that the only logical way to protect them is the same way we should protect ourselves, through the (implied/inferred, if nothing else) force of arms.

I do appreciate that he is willing to filibuster in an attempt to stop the madness of gun control. I hope it has some good effect.
I'm liking what I see so far. Time will tell, But the boat we are currently sailing in needs to be sunk and rebuilt.
He is a libertarian running on a republican ticket. So far I like what he has done. I admit I probably wont agree with everything but he seems to be a constitutionalist and he is willing to go after the powers that be to maintain our freedoms. He makes me want to live in Ky even more.
Paul is firmly aligned with a gun rights organization which views the NRA a a sellout.
What is the NRA Thinking? | National Association for Gun Rights
Too much politics closed
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