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What Do You Do? Really? What Do You Do?

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Check out this link and watch the entire video.

Imagine yourself, with your weapon, as a by-stander, in this situation.

You've stopped for a six pack or some cigs, etc.

This could be a murder happening before your eyes.

What would you do?
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Skateboard's a deadly weapon used that way.

After the first strike, draw weapon and direct him to drop the board. If he looked like he was going to strike again, fire.

If he just walks away, let him go. Cops can pick him up for ADW easily enough.
If I had my Freeze Plus P & around this situation - I'd give him a dose in the face. Really!
Drunks, Punks, & Human Skunks

Sorry...but, as a bystander ~ I am not "clearing leather" on a young kid packing a "deadly" skateboard.
I can just envision my impending civil trail playing out in front of my eyes like a really bad Sci~Fi movie.:blink:
Ditto: the advantages of a large can of OC Spray or I would just go over and knock his lights out.
Cal 911, and get the o.c. ready. I would be very hesitant to intervene witht he crowd mentality. The would most likely turn on you in a second.
Quick, I'm with you 100%!
Hose him down! Then..:spankme:
Bad boy
Hmmm - with ''that crowd'' around I sure would not want to be trying any clever stuff drawing. No way, even in fact with no crowd it would be very likely a bad decision.

As a bystander I would be pi$$ed to see the beating and for sure - the board could have cracked the guy's head open - almost surprised he got up at all.

If things had continued much longer tho - I could see things getting close to lethal potential. Even then however, the biggest single problem is the crowd - way too many kids around. Much unpredictability.

A call on phone would be about best initial move but beyond that - heck, I would sure not want to get involved - I don't think anyone wants to fool with crazy odds.
First, I am with Army on this. Secondly, eventhough the skater messed up the guys car I would have just called the police, because when the guy grabbed the hat off the skaters head it became a problem. Thus, after the guy would have done his deal on my car I would have just pulled over and called the cops and waited. Now, if the guy would have continued I would have firmly asked him to stop. Then sprayed him with mace or Freeze P if he would have continued. If the guy would have pulled out and shot the guy I think he would have been wrong because his action of slapping the guys head was an assault against him. Also, don't do something stupid to impress others if you can't back it up. This guy was obviously scared after he slapped the guys head and he cocked the skate board back. Lastly, the jury would have played this up as skateboard against 45 pistol.
P.S.S post, me as a bystander. Not my business I would have just avoided the skater personally because like I said the guy made a bad choice in slapping the guys head and immediately realizing that this skater was no pushover. First, my family or friends are not in danger and I am not a cop.
What constitutes a felony assault with a deadly weapon????? From the looks of the crowd, the punk only had one or four friends and the rest were pissed off motorists. Plenty of witnesses for your side.

The trucks (metal axles) on a skateboard have a huge bolt right between them and is likely what hit the guys head.
police should have been called immediately.

however, if i was there, i would have drawn down, crowd or not.
In my state NC, if a guy comes at me with a skate board I pull out my 1911 I am wrong. They consider this too much force. Now, I could mace the guy and retreat. I know this is stupid, but this is how it works. Now if the guy and I are fist fighting and he grabs a skateboard and starts crushing my skull, I am now free to plug him. That is why Florida's gun laws are better. You have the right to protect yourself by any means legal.
That video has been around a bit. The guy hit with the board actually died later that night from the head injuries. The crew that filmed this was for one of those "Jackass" videos. The last time I saw this, the video was posted in conjunction with newspaper scans of the article where the punk was arrested and facing trial.

I'm so glad my father taught me that my brain should always override my ego.
Well............the scenerio depends on exactly what State/ locality this episode unfolded in. Call 911, tell them who you are, and you're in the process of whitnessing a possible ADW and possible Homicide...........I could be wrong in my thought train with what I'm about to say in my reply, but it's how I feel I'd handle it..
Personally, even in the state of Ma..............a ADW is considered a "shod foot"........sooo ith that in mind, and watching the altercation unfold, I would have waited til the guy got struck with the skate board.. Based upon the phyisical events that are unfolding, I then would have taken a stand, with my own safety in mind, and the victim's safety as well.........and drew my weapon and ordered the assailant to halt..( already know he's struck and possibly critically/ fatally injured the victim........and who may be the next victim?? take a guess.......especially if I'm attempting to protect the victim.. BTW......the guy should have never hit the skater's hat and knocked it off...........AND the skater could have walked away without becoming the agressor or not even striking the guy with the board..
The fact is the skater continued, and at that point HE has become the agressor.........I then would have again ordered him to halt.........pointing my weapon his way, and attempting to get between him and the victim...........If the skater came at me.......and attempted the strike me........with what I deemed as the DEADLY WEAPON that he has in hand (the board) acting in a threatning manner, and attempting to cause me bodily harm, I then would have dropped him .. As for the rest..............I don't think they would have now they knew EXACTLY what is about to happen, should they become the agressors..
NOT a "cowboy " here, just running some thoughts through my cranium.
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Enough stupidity and ego in that video to go around.

Was the guy who got hit with the skateboard, right to be upset about his car? Of course, but he would have been much better off backing down and letting his insurance handle it, than letting his ego get the better of him.
I don't mean to sound heartless, but if I had seen the whole thing, I would probably have been on the phone with the police by the time the two came to blows. When the guy in the white shirt decided to escalate the situation, he lost almost any chance of me intervening.

If the skater dude had just attacked him out of the blue with no provocation, I might have done something.
I agree with the majority in this thread.

OC is probably the best in this situation. As much as I hate using OC.
Make you stop, and think how involved would I get? And what dose constitute deadly force. Grated the guy in the white shirt did escalate things. But not warranting bing hit over the head multiple time with a skate board. In this case I would consider it a deadly weapon. Given the age of the guys involved, young punks. And showing lack of common senses, I think calling 911 would be about the limit of my involvement.

If the guy in the white shirt was walking a way, and then attacked. My position may change?
I think the key factor in asking what other people would do, all really depends on what part of this country you live in.

You fire on the punk to protect another in WY is a lot different from doing it to protect someone in New Jersey.
WorldPax said:
That video has been around a bit. The guy hit with the board actually died later that night from the head injuries. The crew that filmed this was for one of those "Jackass" videos. The last time I saw this, the video was posted in conjunction with newspaper scans of the article where the punk was arrested and facing trial.

I'm so glad my father taught me that my brain should always override my ego.
Do you have any details of those newspapers? Which papers? What date? Having this information at your fingertips and being able to prove that you knew about it from a "reliable source" and that you knew it before the fact would be invaluable if you did chose to get involved in such a situation.
"Yes, Mr. Prosecutor, I did shoot the guy with the skateboard because on such and such date in such and such city, a man attacked with a skateboard later died from his injuries." Or something like that. A lot depends on what you knew and when you knew it.

Go for the OC spray if you've got it. (By the way, what is Freeze P?)
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