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What gun is this?

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We got a powerpoint at work about gunshot wounds. It was pretty inaccurate, but it had a picture of a gun I don't recognize. The powerpoint called it a "shotgun", but considering the other information, I have no idea if that is correct. It seems to have a European style bolt handle and looks to be SBR or SBS length. I tried to Google it, but when you type in "underfolder stock" all you get are AK style rifle pics.

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hmm, bolt action shotgun....the barrel looks undersized for shotgun, but it is really hard to tell.

looks kind of neat, but ive never seen that before.

looks like Tula.

google: bolt action shotgun folding stock
lots of images come up. Pretty neat looking actually.,

Thanks for making me want one!

I love how they picked something so obscure. lol. They had to work to find it.
That's easy, it's an "Assault Rifle".
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That's easy, it's an "Assault Rifle".
I was gonna guess "AK47" or "Glock"

And I want one too.
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that's a random choice for a powerpoint...
The barrel is 295mm. One foot is about 30cm, so that puts the barrel less than 11 3/4". This is really made for close in work!

It has a pistol grip and a folding stock. Add a bayonet lug, and really make Feinstein go nuts!
Ok, maybe if I get an old Mossberg bolt action and one of those old "Enforcer" M1 carbine uderfolder stocks.... Some Acra-Glass.... Oh, and a Form 1.
Ive never seen anything like it. But appears to be a cross between an m-1 carbine a Thompson and some kind of bolt action. Kind of a neat piece tho.
A "pimped out" 1903 Springfield?

I got nothing else.
Its labeled as a Hunting shotgun.... what are they hunting...people on the couch next to them?
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