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What I've learned at

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I've been here a little over a month have have been greatly enjoying myself. I try to add a comment when I think I can be of help and occasionally add something I think is funny in an attempt to lighten your day.

Now I want to say thanks to the people here for the time spent and the help I've received. I've learned a great deal in what little time I've been around.

Now, what I've learned:
I've always tried to pay attention to what's going on around me, but reading through the threads here, I have found myself being more concious of my surroundings. I've noticed things around me as I go about my daily business that I hadn't before. I find myself playing "what if" and doing mental drills. "What if that guy pulls a gun out?", "What if that carload of deaf (they have to be deaf with the music that loud) gangster looking kids decides to check me out a little closer?", "What if...?" I've found exits I didn't know existed in stores I regularly patronize. I also know how the cell coverage is in these places, just so I know were I have to be if I need to make a 911 call.

I've learned I'm not the only person around who thinks like we do. Not many people around me think like I do, but most of the people here are on my wavelength. If you find you are the only person who holds your beliefs, you start to think "It must be me that's not right in the head." Now I know I must be OK. (OK in a relative term I suppose.)

There are many other things, but I won't bore you with them. Suffice it to say, I've spent a lot of time on this forum in the past month and it has been time well spent.

Thanks to Bumper for the great site. Thanks to the moderators for keeping it cleaned up. And thanks to the members for keeping the moderator's job easy (that's me guessing at their job) and submitting posts to make such a helpful site. I'm happy here with my kind.

Oh, yeah... and I love the dancing bananas...:danceban: :banana: :danceban: :banana: :danceban: :banana:
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Nice post Copper. I second the "thank you". I have been a member for a few months. I sincerely look forward to reading everybody's post, gaining more knowledge, and getting to know the members.
Copper - thank you from me - and I am sure Bumper will echo that.

It is nice to know that folks do in fact benefit from all the assorted input - and it shows I think that we are a community, those who carry and take responsibility for their own well being.

The accumulated knowledge and opinions will I reckon in most cases, manage to answer questions for those newer to the regimen and actually make us all stronger and even more responsible too.
Great post, Copper! When you hear of all the bad things the internet is used for, it's nice to be reminded of all the good it does, also. I've met some great folks here. And yes, best of all --- you have to love those dancing bananas!:danceban: :danceban: :danceban:
I've learned more than I can list. I think the most beneficial for me is the overall knowledge of guns that I've acquired.

And an added BUNUS that I've learned that it's OK to wear socks with sandals.:danceban: :danceban: :banana: :danceban: :banana:
jarhead79 said:
I've learned more than I can list. I think the most beneficial for me is the overall knowledge of guns that I've acquired.

And an added BUNUS that I've learned that it's OK to wear socks with sandals.:danceban: :danceban: :banana: :danceban: :banana:
OK already ----- S&S here - anyone wanna fight :18:
it's OK to wear socks with sandals.
oO( only east of the ol miss ) LMAO
I am also a new member and greatly enjoy the advice and insight of others. I find my self checking this site the most often. I try to check-in at least twice a day now to keep up with the new posts. Thanks

PS. Is there a list of needed computer parts for this site or info on how to make donations ??
Glad that you're finding it helpful here and WE LIKE having you here!
Great site. I learn more almost daily. Even for us lifetime shooters ,you can always learn more.
KS Shooter - Thx for the mention re computer parts and donations - I think you will find tho that Bumper still chooses to run this from his own pocket, for which we are all most grateful.

I am sure tho if needed at some stage there are many of us who would chip in to keep things afloat.
I learn things everyday on this site! I love it. Whether they be from true stories, news stories, or information about CCW and 2nd Amendment rights! I have learned a great deal about what you can and cannot do once you have a CCW I never knew about before. I have learned that I do want my future Glock 19 from peoples threads. And I love love love reading all the success stories from people having CCW's.

And....It's always fun to joke around about off topic things on the humor part, and discuss important issues on others. Many people supply useful websites with more information, and Combat Carry is a very nice friendly environment to be a part of!

Thank you Bumper, P95Carry, Bud White, acparmed, QKshooter for making this forum possible!
Here, Here!!! I too have learned a ton and best of all you can tell that there is a high moral character from most everyone here. Even if someone comes on here with a bit of an attitude they are still treated with respect and they usually see the error of their ways pretty quickly. I log on daily just to see what my new comrades are up to. Thank you all for the open and honest discussions and a place I feel really honored to be a part of.
jarhead79 said:
I've learned more than I can list. I think the most beneficial for me is the overall knowledge of guns that I've acquired.

And an added BUNUS that I've learned that it's OK to wear socks with sandals.:danceban: :danceban: :banana: :danceban: :banana:
And mindset.
Oh, another one for the socks with sandles too, thought I was the only one :danceban: :danceban:
We, as moderators, always enjoy the influx of new members and people new to shooting sports, be it CCW, competition or plain ole' paper punchin'.:image035:

I have been shooting firearms for over 40 years now. Reloading for over 35 years and carrying for over 30 years. I still learn new things every day.:yup:

Some of our new members think that they occasionally ask dumb questions. I haven't found one yet. Some of the questions have made me stop and evaluate why I think and do the things that I do.

Thanks to all the new members and may they keep asking questions.:yup:
just wanted to chime in . this is the first form iv ever been part of and find that its great .also understand that not all forms are operated with the courtasy and gentalmanly or womanly for that mater conduct the help n tips are something i think is the best part of the site thanks agine and would be more than willing to help out be it money ect to see this place continue
One thing i've noticed, and it reflects directly on the members here is in the year or more i've been a member i can't say i've seen 1 person "banned", any topic closed due to "in-fighting" or really anything negative that sticks out.
fine members, moderators, and lotsa great info.

I've learned that CC isn't always like those "It happened to me" stories in the Gun Rags where the BG is shot and Joe Citizen rides off into the sunset.

I've learned and began to think more about the legal aspects of a self defense shooting.

I've learned new ways to think about tactical situations that may arise on the street and other various places.

I've learned that this is the best gun site on the web and there are some great people on here.
CopperKnight Needs No Sleep

CopperKnight, when do you get to sleep, work, eat, play? I've been lurking around this sight for over 6 months and have gotten all the way up to about 28 posts. Almost 300 posts in a month is outstanding! :congrats: Keep it up, logging on to this forum and reading the new posts is my favorite pastime. A great place to hang out and learn.
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