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What laser for XD sub compact?

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I have an XDsc and I'm looking to purchase a laser. I've looked at the Crimson Trace, ArmaLaser, and LaserMax types. I see potential issues with each, and was wondering if anyone has any advice.

The things I don't like:
Crimson Trace - large grip wrap-around. Indexing would block the laser.
ArmaLaser - Won't fit SuperTuck holster, and not easily slid off when desired.
LaserMax - Beam pulsates, switch could get activated in holster, no adjustments for aiming. Expensive.

Anybody have any thoughts. I guess I'm leaning more toward the Crimson Trace setup.
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I have a new XD40SC and am considering a laser so I'm curious too.

Also I recommend that you ask your question here also - XDTalk Forums - Your HS2000/SA-XD Information Source! - Powered by vBulletin
I bought the crimson trace for my sc40. I didn't care for the wrap around at first, but now I don't really even notice it. It is the brightest and fits in my supertuck. Had mine about 3 months now. Goodluck with your choice.
I've used lasers from all three of those makers. I've sold the others and now use CT only.

Lasergrips - SP101 and Glock 19.

Laserguards - G26 and LCP.
Not to get off topic , But i would learn to POINT SHOOT ; ) & Practice JMO
Does anybody have the LaserMax or ArmaLaser and like them?
For starters I have a 4" Service model XD 9mm with the LaserMax and have fired about 3,000 rounds through it so far. So here's my feeling on my LaserMax, I like its integration with the mainspring and the fact it doesn't increase the grip size like the CT grip does, however I would recommend trying both if possible. I've loaded brand new batteries into my LM and compared it with a CT equipped XD, it just wasn't as bright... hands down. I also am not a fan of the flashing laser even though it's supposed to attract your eyes faster than a stead beam.

I wear my XD Service model every day in a Supertuck and the LaserMax actually can't get turned on in the holster. Because the activation button is built into the takedown lever it's sandwiched in the holster and has never stuck on in 8 months. I would know it for sure because the battery life on a LM is about 3 hours! Oh yeah, the batteries are expensive too! And you can't adjust the LaserMax once installed, it's in the guide rod so you got what ya got. Mine has been accurate since day one, so I got no complaints there.

If you are shopping for your XD SC and have a big enough hand, I'd recommend the Crimson Trace... it's what I'm going to put on my Sig 229 when I get the $$$. The LM isn't a bad laser, just not as bright and I think overpriced for what you get. Anyone love their LaserMax, time to speak up!

I did write a review on the XD LaserMax for and I went into a little more detail if you're interested.
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I have an XD40SC and the CT grip. I do not notice the larger grip size. I wanted a laser that would still fit my MTAC. The CT does that well. I do pratice with the laser off much more then on. but I WANT the option.
I went with the CT grips on my X9sc. Primarily DUE to the increase in grip size, and that it DOESN'T interfere with holstering or REQUIRING yet another holster for a rail mounted accesory.

Even with my LARGE hands I've never had a problem with them interfering directly the laser.

I did find that "re-sighting" tends to be required every few months and the teeny tiny allen wrench can be hard to keep track of.

Bottom line: LUV MINE!:yup:

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Thanks for the info...especially on the LaserMax. So far it seems CTC might be the way to go. I'm supprises no one has said anything about the ArmaLaser yet. Thanks!!!
Crimson Trace is the "Gold Standard" for gun mounted lasers for a very good reason......they work well and are very reliable. I am a big proponent of point shooting CCW handguns but I still have CT lasers on my S&W 642 and PM9 and they are a great compliment to these small carry guns.
You could always get something like a Streamlight TLR-2 that has a laser plus a light and someone to make a custom holster.

Personally I am not really a fan of lasers on firearms. It becomes a liability in certain situations. What I mean is someone relies on the laser and it doesn't work, then what? That person might not have proper training with iron sights. Or in a civil case the use of a laser might beg the question "how come you have a laser but needed to fire x number of shots? Couldn't you shoot the weapon from their hand?" Yes it sounds ridiculous and we here know that's a dumb argument but it's the very reason police departments don't use lasers in my area.

People watch too many movies I think which is where these arguments against people using lasers on their guns comes from. If you want to use a laser and add it to your weapon system then by all means go for it. I just beg you to not forget proper training with your usual sights.
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Check that out. Any reason that would be better than any other laser setup?
I've had an ArmaLaser on my Kahr CW9 for the past year or so. Don't know if the configuration is the same as on the XD, but here are my comments with regard to the one for the CW9:

o You activate the laser by sticking your finger in the trigger guard and it senses your finger. After removing your finger it stays on for 12 seconds. This is great for point shooting dry fire practice, because I can aim then test the aim by putting my finger in the trigger guard to see if I'm on target.

o The batteries last a long enough time.

o Replacing the batteries is unpleasant. There are about 16 loose pieces involved (3 screws, 3 washers, 2 side plates that came unglued, four batteries, etc.)

o After replacing the batteries, it needs to be re-zeroed. This can take several tries because the vert. and horz. adjustments affect each other, and sometimes move the laser diagonally, then tend to drift for awhile until they settle. Once zeroed the zero holds unless something presses against the laser housing (e.g. while holstered) and shifts its position where it grips the trigger guard.

o Except for my SmartCarry I haven't found any holster I'd be willing to use into which the gun will fit with the laser attached, so at present I can only carry it in the SmartCarry.
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