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What would you do ??

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Your a completely legal CCW'er. You are legally carrying inside a store. You, along with several, to say 10 others, are taken hostage by a lone gunman that has shown his weapon. He has stated for ALL hostages to hear that he will start killing hostages unless his demands are met. If you had a clean path to shoot and he had his back turned to you would you shoot him? Would you shoot him without doing the LEO thang ---- FREEZE ! STOP ! HANDS UP ! THROW DOWN YOUR WEAPON ! PLEASE,PLEASE ! etc. etc. etc. ??? If the same condition exists and there are 2 BG's standing side by side with their back turned to you would you shoot both of them ?? If they killed a hostage and then turned their back on you, could you/would you kill them ?? ----------
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Anyone shooting hostages is fair game. If they pose an immediate threat ya gotta protect yourself.
Provided I had a clear shot without endangering any other hostages or by-standers, my response would be simple.


Front or back wouldn't matter to me.
Exactly, any reasonable person would be in fear for their life when they are TOLD that they are going to die. Luckily the BG was dumb enough to give you a heads up and time to plan your shot.
This is a case of clear and present danger.

Got a shot? Take the shot. Don't hesitate. I have a feeling that 97 times out of 100, the hostage takers would have the deer in headlights reaction.

I don't believe in verbal warnings in that kind of situation.
They have stated that they are going to kill - Threat articulated

They are armed - Means to carry out the threat

I am in fear of serious bodily harm or death.

I have a clear shot without endangering non-bad guys.

That is a shooting situation.

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Ditto to Scott, and no verbal warning is nessesary th BG has already warned you he will shoot, it is time for you to shoot him
Take them both out. No verbal warning required. I'm not going to take a poll to see if everyone else thinks they really will kill us.
Spot on!

I see this as a near total no-choise situation. If I am one of the hostages, it is MY neck under threat, as well as any others, therefore I would feel justified in protecting that.

No warnings - intent has been proclaimed - the danger needs neutralized as efficiently as possible. Not a case for manners, chivalry or ethics - it would be an out and out threat dismissal.

The BG or BG's played their cards - that is enough.
Pray it never happens, but I don't hesitate to take a shot and to take it another step further, I often thought about while I was in highschool what I would do during a school shooting and my answer was always whatever presented itself.
Agreed, Can't say I would enjoy it, but it would be done.

No one deserves to be held hostage for anything and threatened at gun point. When this happen's I feel it is not only my duty to protect myself and any family or friends with me at the time but everyone else that is in the situation as well that won't protect there selves (the sheep). In that situation if you started yelling commands at them people if not me are going to die! or be seriously injured. I did not ask for the BG's to rob and hold us hostage and possibly kill people to get what they want.

Now, I am in agreement with you all. I guess that what I'm trying to get out of this is that you would shoot a BG in the back if the above threat had been made. He's looking at you,then he turns his back and you'd shoot?? I guess that there is no right or wrong answer. We each have our own feelings about this. I KNOW that I would kill the BG/BG's but that doesn't make me right. I guess that I would say that I personally am glad that you feel the way that you do. I feel that there aren't as many sheeple out there as the media,LEO's,and politicians think that there are. That's great news for all of us i think. Thanks for your inputs. This I will pass along to my classes.---------
What was taught in my CCW class was if you (or others in your presence) are in fear of your/their life/lives, action should be taken to stop the threat. Stopping the threat doesn't require the BG to present a particular side, only that they be stopped in the safest (being aware of those around you) and surest manner. I don't believe I could live with myself afterwards with inaction on my part in this situation. Like others, it's not something I would relish doing but...
The threat has been made. BG facing me or away from me does not matter. If I have the shot I will take it and repeat until there is no longer any threat.

With 2 BGs shoot the first and hope like heck #2 is not fast enough to get me before I get him.
I agree, shoot him at the first opportunity.
Read My Mind. ~ Here's My answer.

:cool: :cool::brutal7:

:dead: :dead:



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Guys here we go I am going to throw a log on the fire: Say you are carrying a snub nose 38 how confident are you that you could hit the target. I myself carry a Snub for primary more than the 1911, and I would say in this situation SA 1911 is the better weapon. But, I digress, I would shoot and move off line. :cool:
I no longer snub carry Blue but when I did (SP-101) I'd not have felt compromized re accuracy potential - that is almost entirely down to adequate practice. Shucks - if you'd seen my son shooting his new Airweight yesterday - you would NOT have wanted to be bad guy!!

Only consideration for me would be capacity but then - accuracy and shot placement are as ever the priorities. Let's say - snub will cut it - but sure, 1911 might be regarded as preferable. In fact for me my 15+1 in 226 would be that bit more reassuring still. :smile:
I would kill the hostage taker as soon as I got a chance. The chance at saving my life and helping others is good enough for me.
Sorry I didn't address the total question in my response. I would shoot them no matter what side of them they presented as a target.

BlueLion, I have carried a snub 38 and am just as good at 21 feet as with my 1911. Given the likely distances inside a store I wouldn't have a problem. The only problem I would see is that I would definitely have an empty gun and need to reload quickly. Although at this point assuming the police are on scene they will be in the store quickly.

That presents a whole different set of problems. Hopefully they know how many hostage takers there are and what they look like.

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