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What would you have done?

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Ok here is a situation I got into a couple of years ago. I was on vacation with my Wife, Dog, Sister in law, and another female friend of ours. We had stopped for a couple of days in Cape Cod. We rolled into Provincetown Looking for some good lobster, which was easy to find their. After a good meal we were walking around town looking at the shops and just enjoying a beautiful Fall night with good friends and family. Well as we were strolling along I noticed a seedy looking character lurking in between buildings and staying in the shadows. He disappeared when he noticed I was keeping an eye on him.
After a while my wife and I decided to go get the dog out of the truck and let her and us visit the rest room. We left our travel companions on one end of town and told them we would just drive down and pick them up. So we get to the truck, let the dog out and the wife is holding her while I visit the public rest room. I come out and we switch duties. Now this rest room was near a parking area away from the main flow of traffic and was not a well lit area. As I was waiting for my wife, mister seedy reappears from the shadows. The dog and I spot him about the same time. Now I am not what most would consider a typical easy target. I am 6’ 2” tall, at that time about 250 lbs and I hold a black belt in Karate. My dog is a Siberian husky and Wolf mix. Not the combination I would look for if I were after some easy cash. However mister seedy begins to look around to make sure no one is close by and begins to come towards us. We are separated by about 30 yards at this point so I have the ability to retreat and leave the area. However he is now between me and where my wife is shortly going to come out of. So leaving is not an option. He doesn’t look like a pan handler but more the, I need drugs so I need money type. Well as he approaches my dog is on full alert pulling against her leash and emitting a low growl that would scare most people. I am making eye contact with him trying to let him know this is a bad idea. Now to make matters worse I am not armed. So with fleeing not an option I decide it is time to meet problem head on. I feel very confident that if he is armed with anything less then a gun, the dog and I can handle it. He starts to approach us across the parking lot. So I start across the parking lot towards him. Now my mind is going a hundred miles an hour. I am scanning the area to make sure he has no buddies waiting to help. I am loosening my grip on the dog so she can do her thing. As we close to about 20 yards he starts to reach inside his coat. So figuring I have nothing to loose at this point I smile real big and slide my hand under my coat hoping to bluff him into thinking I have a gun also. Well as soon as he saw my hand move he freezes. I do the same, keeping my eyes scanning all around. So now we are both standing there hands reaching back on our hips and just waiting. About that time a bus comes around the corner and hits us with its head lights. Well mister seedy turns and runs off. About that time my wife comes out of the rest room. I relate the story to her as we head over to the truck and get in. We picked up our traveling companions and head to our trailers for a quiet nights sleep. Now tell me, what would you have done?
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IMHO you handled yourself very well.

The "Fake it" idea isn't a bad one, tho potentially dangerous if he really had a weapon and decided that he needed to employ it in response to your motion.

I think however, that I would have continued to close the distance between us so that I could employ my 'empty hands' techniques, as well as let my dog get closer to him.

But, I think you did well and the fact that everything tuned out ok is evidence enough of that.
Perhaps retreat to the bathroom door. Verbally challenge the BG. Call 911. Be armed if at all possible. Lock yourself and wife in bathroom if possible?
Anyone willing to approach someone your size with big dog no less ,means you serious harm.
This was as I see it public restroom and parking lot deal - and from your write-up Mike - I doubt you could have done much better.

It sure was both surprising and very concerning to have Mr Seedy advancing for so long - considering you and dog presenting a potentially substantial defence force!!!

Could well be before the bus came - what you had was a double bluff impasse!! Who knows what may have followed but glad you had no further problem.
I think you handled it well. That was a gutsy move walking toward him and faking a gun in your pocket. Did you tell your wife and friends/family members about him when you first became aware of his presence? Would your wife have walked into a surprise or would she have been in condition yellow?

For learing purposes change the senario a little. Let's say you don't have a black belt like many of us. What would the rest of us do?
I think you handled the situation well, though I wouldn't have approached the guy, but instead backed into the wife's bathroom and gotten the door between us and him. And that's easy to say looking back on the event; what you went through was truly scary and you did what you felt you had to do in the heat of the moment to keep you and yours safe. The bluff worked and it ended well, and the good guys are safe and sound. :yup:
Very "GUTSY" approach! I don't think I could or would have done it any differently, except I'd more likely act to protect my HUGE loveable Newfoundland (see my gallery pic) dog, who would not act aggressively until the attack was underway (then watch out).

I had a similar incident about seven years ago in central FL. But instead of walking toward the BG's with my hand in pocket, they read all my pro-gun bumper stickers AND I was wearing my favorite CCW uniform...the ever present Banana Republic vest. I just stared at them inside the little "stop & rob" I had visited so my wife and daughter could go to the bathroom at midnight in Lake Placid Florida! Being from Miami, I couldn't fathom the idea of BG's in a little burg where they roll up the sidewalks at sundown! B-I-G mistake because my 1911 Government was nestled in a Sam Andrews ( Monarch shoulder rig underneath the 145 pound newfoundland pup who was herself, snoring contentedly in the rear of my Explorer. So I had to bluff it out, but the vest together with all those bumper stickers and the fact that I was "on the ball" and alert, convinced these potential robbers to go elsewhere. But they had a serious conference about it at the back of the store! I even saw one guy hold up his thumb and forefinger, other fingers curled under in the classic stance of the gun image. But they left. Funny thing, my wife came out of the bathroom and assessed the situation in an second! She had my shoulder holster open and ready for me to don when I got outside....I had to take a moment because I got the shakes so bad.
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BETTY! YOU DON'T! SAY! Congrats! He's a lucky guy. Will you be registered with Beretta, Colt and Springfield Armory?
You walked away without injury or a lawsuit. Sounds good. If I understand your description correctly, you were standing by your vehicle? If that were the case, another option may have been to retreat into it, but not leave the area. Get the engine running and now you've got armor and a weapon far more deadly than any handgun. Now I wasn't there, so I can't say if the terrain were conducive to such a strategy. But it's something to consider.
I guess I did not paint the picture well enough. Mister bad guy appeared between the rest room and me. So the only way to get to my wife was through or around him. My truck was 20 yards or more to my right so heading that way would have left my wife exiting behind him and the possibility of surprising and startling him. So the only option I saw was full ahead so if she came out I was close enough to get to him before harm could get to her. I had pointed him out to her earlier so she was aware of him. But as I had said he had not been seen for a while so I thought he had stayed in the busy area. One of the things that concerned me the most was why he had picked what should have been perceived as a harder target then the many of lesser aware sheep wondering around the area. We are not people of great means that have expensive watches and clothing. Wife and I were both in Levis and wearing Timex watches and modest wedding bands. Guess I will never know the answer.
Done good. The only way to get to your wife was to advance. I agree with some other posters. He was a bad man if he was coming at you with a big dog and your size. My size is usually enough deterrent.

The only thing I may have done is alert the group when I first noticed Mr. Seedy. You may have good reason why you didn't do that though. Maybe one of your friends would have gotten all freaked out or something and that doesn't work for you at all.

As for the proposed revision, I'm no black belt, but I know karate, Tae Kwon Do and some other martial arts words and I would have done the same thing. Leaving my wife behind in the restroom wouldn't be an option for me. My dog may have to sacrifice herself, but she would do it without hesitation. If I am sans gun my best defense will be a good offense, that means getting in close.

An alternative may have been to fake that my dog was dragging me towards the guy and yell to him I was having problems contolling my dog and could he please go elsewhere for a short bit until I could get her under control. Hopefully he would and that would be the exit strategy I needed. If not well he may get to feel some teeth.

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Good idea about faking the dog control. Have to file that on away.

I know just about where you wife and daughter vacation on the Cape and make an annual trip to P-town for the sights (you see some interesting ones!) and dinner. I always feel a little uneasy because I do not have a MA permit and cannot carry there.

Your experience really hit home...I will keep that in mind on our next vacation there (obviously it can happen anywhere).

It sounds that you and family came out of this uneasy situation unscathed...that is success in my book. Job well done.

BTW, don't miss the Highland Creamery down the road for the best ice cream you will ever have!
Coyotes; despite that one incident we had a great time there. We only spent two days there. I hope to return some day and spend more time on the cape. From what I could see on our short whirl wind tour it was a wonderful place. In three weeks we drove from Missouri to Virginia Beach, followed the coast up to Maine, over to Niagara Falls, and back down to Missouri. A little over 5000 miles and that was the only close call we had.
Ya did good Mike
Good Bluff. I don't think I'd have been unarmed but considering having been unarmed I think you handled the situation pretty darn good. Confident & head on....
I think you did well too...especially being unarmed. you were getting in a position that allowed you to respond with your martial arts training (given the fact you had no choice)...I think you're dog may have taken him out pretty quickly had it gone much further
Showing confidence in confrontational situations is tremendous tool. I learned this while working in the restaraunt business and having to learn how to remove unruly customers from the premises. Size helps but confidence is more important. I once saw a 5'2" assitant manager of slight build throw out six drunks. They cursed all the way out the door but they did leave.
XD you are so right about the confidence. I have found that when I smile when confronted it really throws the aggressor off. You don't smile like you are laughing but just a hint like you are really going to enjoy this. Works real well.
I also mentioned the "smile" in the Have you been a victim thread.

I think that you did well. You had only two things on your side at the time, your brains and your dog and you used both.

I've gotten to the point to where I've made my own decisions when it comes to man's law when it conflicts my law, which is survive at all costs and protect my own (family) the same. So I can't say much there, it's a personal decision that one must make for themselves.

But what would I have done, I would have let the dog go to do her thing. Dogs have a great ability to jump around enough to not get shot. A cell phone as well as a bud would have come in handy. When traveling mine is always on me and the bud (mic) is in my ear. All I have to say is "Call 911" and it automatically calls. All the while both hands are still free.

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