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Whats up people?

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Im new here just figured i'd introduce myself. Im Chris from Knoxville, TN. I'm just recently 21, well, as of 10/14/05. I havn't got my permit yet, but i'll have it soon. I just procrastinate. My pistol of choice is my Glock 22.
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Welcome. Look around, read some of the old posts, and learn from some of the best people on the 'net.
Welcome from right below in GA. There are some great folks on here that are very knowledgeable and helpful.
Welcome from Eastern Idaho

We'll make sure that you don't procrastinate too much longer. :biggrin2:

Come'on let's get packing that GLOCK. :yup:

Welcome To The Forum. :usflag:
Welcome from Alabama.
Welcome - :smilez:
Hello, and welcome to the forum!
Welcome from Kansas City.
Welcome to the forum from North Texas.
Welcome from another Chris - PA here! :smilez:
Glad to have you from Texas. This place will make you feel like family in no time.
Welcome from Arkansas.
Welcome and read the posts. Learn from older menbers. Age has something to give the young.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Washington State. Get to that paperwork!
mx_kid22 - Hello yourself..! I have family in (Afton) Greene Co., TN. Glad to have yah here... Also, (IMHO) don't get in a hurry to "Carry", get in a hurry to do & get lots & lots of practice first...! Experience & thinking things through are the Most important things involved w/ what it is you are preparing to undertake..!
Welcome to the forum, hope you find it useful.
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