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What's wrong with this picture?

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My brother just turned 30 on the 19th, and a bunch of in-laws dished in to buy him a S&W 29-2. (Lucky dog! :biggrin: )

So what does he do? He finds a mismatched box of strange reloads. :rolleyes: As much as I love my brother and know he's a smart gun guy, sometimes he makes some bad decisions. If he's short on cash, all he had to do was call up his little sister and say he got this cool gun for his birthday but *cough cough hint hint* no ammo.
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Miss Mnanners Says:

Extremely bad form to give a firearm gift and no ammo to go with it. When we got capguns and bb guns for christmas we always got ammo. Heck thats like buying a battery operated gift and forgetting to get bateries for it. LOL!
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