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When a Gun dies!!!

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I was just wondering if any one out there had worn a gun out. What type it was and caliber? Also does anyone keep an approximate idea of how many rounds you put thru a specific gun? Several years ago Ipurchased a Ruger 10/22 and a buddy purchased a Nylon 66. We put many thousands of rounds thru them and finally the 66 went boom for the last time. The bushings and rails were gone. The 10/22 is still tight. Ihave never done that with a pistol. What a about a 1911 45 with standard fmj ammo, How many rounds before it will need attention? Mike
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With proper spring changes and lube it will go a long time before wearing out ...

once it does get loose you can peen the rails and squeeze the slide down to tighten it up

Only one i have wore out to were it was unsafe to fire was a 1911sc Smith and Wesson ... Frame Rails wore thin in 400 Rounds and Disconnector was cutting into the slide by then so away it went .

All my other 1911's but 2 have a ton of rounds with no problems

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Not real failures per se but I obtained a Charter Pathfinder many years back. For a .22 snub it was a gun that handled very well.

Didn't cost much at all - and it was used but - it was a bit loose from when I got it and it was not long before that got worse and eventually I gave up trying to DA it - it would freeze up at times. Only reliable on SA.

Finally pretty much gave up on it - no great loss really. All other guns have been well maintained and are in all cases I think, going to vastly outlast me :wink:

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I've seen some pretty wore out guns whem I worked for Uncle Sam.

Some of the .45's didnt have an original part in them and the slides had so much slop in them it was ridiculous. On some of them you could take the hammers and move them laterally about 1/16 of an inch. You could shake the thing and put it down on a table and it'd take a full two minutes to settle down...:blink:

Of course, being military guns, there is NO telling how many rounds went through it. I know that we would take every gun on the ship and shoot the heck out of it at any and everthing when we were floating around killing time. Nothing was safe, sharks, flying fish, sea turtles, and seagulls made great targets. Jellyfish would be considered "reactive" targets because they would just blow apart.The Sierra Club would have thrown a fit if they knew what we were shooting at...:image035:

I shot a wore out BAR that would'nt stop shooting till it ran out of ammo. Not a big deal if you knew it but it sure was a surprise if ytou didnt. Luckily, the only thing around for hundreds of miles was the Pacific Ocean.

We had several old Thompson .45 MGs that were a hoot to shoot and they were early 50's models. They were loose too and had problems keeping magazines in them. Some you would shoot and the mag would drop out at some state. The front forearms were loose as well,it was virutally impossible to hit anything as the barrel was all over the place and you couldnt do anything about it.

When the miltary phased a lot of that stuff out, the parts supply dried up. Many Naval ships kept their inventorys of stuff and literally shot them till they quit shooting. Its one of the reasons the military went to Beretta Pistols in the early 80's, it was cheaper and easier to get a new weapons platform and start from scratch.

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Mtn Man said:
I wish I could shoot enough to wear out a gun.
Same here!

My Colt Pocket Hammer .38 pictured in my avatar was my grandfathers that he bought new and shot like nobodies business, passed it on to my dad who shot it less but still plenty and it has now been passed on to me now which I shoot it very little like 100 rounds per year maybe.

The meaning of the gun has changed through the years from when it was bought and has for me become a collector now to preserve it and continue to pass on.

My dad has estimated the Colt to have 50-60K through it. The gun is still excellent and shoot's very well still. To my knowledge the springs have been the only thing ever changed in this gun.

Not warn out yet.


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Remington Nylon 66 parts fetch decent $$ on Ebay.

I exploded an aftermarket Aluminum Alloy 1911 Frame.:gah:

Since it still counts as an ATF registered handgun I still have it & just cut it up into smaller pieces on my band saw.

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As mentioned above, the only "worn out" firearms I've seen are military issue.

My first issue sidearm (in 1991) was a 1911 made in 1954.

Rattled like a tin can full of gravel, almost smooth bore, crack in the slide.

We switched over to the M9 before I had to shoot the thing.

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I blew-up one of those crappy little Phoenix .22 auto's once...litterally. I had put about 3,000 rounds through it up to the point that it broke. one day, I pulled the trigger and the slide went one direction, the extractor went the other, and the recoil spring hit me in the head. (the slide split just forward of the extractor)

I would have been ticked but I only paid $50 for the gun and after all, I managed to put 3,000 rounds through it before it died.
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