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I've seen some pretty wore out guns whem I worked for Uncle Sam.

Some of the .45's didnt have an original part in them and the slides had so much slop in them it was ridiculous. On some of them you could take the hammers and move them laterally about 1/16 of an inch. You could shake the thing and put it down on a table and it'd take a full two minutes to settle down...:blink:

Of course, being military guns, there is NO telling how many rounds went through it. I know that we would take every gun on the ship and shoot the heck out of it at any and everthing when we were floating around killing time. Nothing was safe, sharks, flying fish, sea turtles, and seagulls made great targets. Jellyfish would be considered "reactive" targets because they would just blow apart.The Sierra Club would have thrown a fit if they knew what we were shooting at...:image035:

I shot a wore out BAR that would'nt stop shooting till it ran out of ammo. Not a big deal if you knew it but it sure was a surprise if ytou didnt. Luckily, the only thing around for hundreds of miles was the Pacific Ocean.

We had several old Thompson .45 MGs that were a hoot to shoot and they were early 50's models. They were loose too and had problems keeping magazines in them. Some you would shoot and the mag would drop out at some state. The front forearms were loose as well,it was virutally impossible to hit anything as the barrel was all over the place and you couldnt do anything about it.

When the miltary phased a lot of that stuff out, the parts supply dried up. Many Naval ships kept their inventorys of stuff and literally shot them till they quit shooting. Its one of the reasons the military went to Beretta Pistols in the early 80's, it was cheaper and easier to get a new weapons platform and start from scratch.
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