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When the absurd is real

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Tennessee Gets a Naked Gun

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. — A Tennessee man brought new meaning to the term "Naked Gun" when he allegedly fired his gun into traffic while wearing only socks.

Police charged Glenn Higgs, 44, with reckless endangerment and indecent exposure on Tuesday after he allegedly disrupted traffic in Germantown with his gun and birthday suit. Stunned motorists could hardly believe their eyes when they saw the naked Higgs allegedly fire his gun in 40-degree weather.

"I couldn't believe it," Eddie Cox said. "There was a nude man in the middle of the street. He just stopped, kind of spread-eagle in the middle of the street."

Cox called police, who arrested Higgs at the scene and found a revolver in a nearby yard.

In addition to reckless endangerment and indecent exposure, Higgs was charged with firing a weapon within city limits and public intoxication. Police said he was hospitalized for a foot injury sustained when he jumped from the second story of his home before the traffic incident.
Now this is interesting. It's scary enough that people shoot up malls and rob banks, shooting random people in a populated public area. And we've all heard stories about people not ducking for cover, but instead standing around in disbelief, watching a shooting. But let's say it's a naked guy or a man wearing a silly costume going around shooting. Would the disbelief over what you're seeing distract your reaction time?
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Would the disbelief over what you're seeing distract your reaction time?
When as absurd as this one Betty - I do think it might!!

By how much I do not know but have the feeling that at least some delay might be suffered due to incredulity - ''taking it all on board'' - then realizing the danger element, as well as the ridiculous!!

I guess as well as intoxicated - this guy was definitely at least one sandwich short of a full picnic :lol:

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In high school, there was a school shooting at the other high school in the county. The shooter, a student, walked right in with his .22 rifle, and the other students completely ignored it until he started shooting. They thought it was a prop for Drama class. One teacher and one student died.

A few years ago at my p/t job, my boss tried to get me to wear a Pikachu costume for a children's event we were hosting. I declined, because there was no way I was going to wear that hot, stuffy costume, not to mention the tactical issues of wearing it. Picture a heavily armed Pikachu!

I do think that an individual, or even a group, dressed in silly costumes and openly displaying guns could walk their way to a middle of a populated place without people screaming for cover (and people tend have groupthink), because while they would draw attention because of their costumes, people would think that the guns were merely props...until the shooting started.
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