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Which 45 ACP pistol to add to collection

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I have a 1911 for 45 range work and looking to add another 45 to the collection. Would love to hear suggestions? Only looking for full size non-1911.

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If I was going to buy a full size .45 I would get one of two choices, plus an honorable mention:

1) Glock 21. I used to have a Gen 3 that I carried for work, and I absolutely loved it. Would get a Gen 4 if I got another one. I put thousands of rounds through that gun over the years, rock solid, not one malfunction of any kind.

2) Walther PPQ 45. I have a 9mm PPQ M2 that is one of my favorite carry guns. Best ergos of any gun I own, just a smidge better than my P320. The quality of materials, trigger, and fit & finish, are the best of any polymer gun I've owned or even handled.

3) Honorable mention: M&P Shield .45 - while this doesn't fit your criteria of being full sized, it's the one .45 I would be most likely to buy next, just because I wouldn't hesitate to add it to my carry rotation (as soon as I got the holster and mag carrier for it). The other full sized 45's I mentioned I probably wouldn't carry due to size, thickness and weight. The Shield 45 may be the perfect carry 45. Every review I've seen has been very good to glowing. And I've already had a 9mm Shield for several years that I carry probably more than any other gun I own.

Best of luck on your search.
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Sig P220/P227 or a Glock 21. If you like a slimmer grip, the 220 is the way to go. The 227 and Glock grips are pretty close, and have a higher capacity than a 1911 or the 220. My P227 has moved to my EDC in the past week.
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Glock 21 of course

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HK45........fantastic ergonomics, great accuracy (rivals my Les Baers) utterly reliable.....

Pick the trigger variant of your choice: DA/SA, LEM, SA C&L, SA only.

Plus, Denzel Washington carried one in "The Book of Eli"..................

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I have a P227 DA/SA and have no complaints. Reliable and accurate. A tad big for my taste as an EDC and thats why I carry my p320 (9mm). I believe the HK and Walther would be incredible 45's but I would also check out the p320 in 45 as well. All good guns. A good friend that I go the range with often has a G21 and we both like shooting the 227 better due to trigger and sights.
All of them... But especially these.

Sig 220
FNX 45
HK .45 is sweet, I know you said full size , but I have a springfield XDM 3.8 Compact .45 that I absolutely love.
A lot of the 1911 guys have shot it at my range and I have received several purchase offers from them LOL!
big enough to eat the recoil , small enough to carry easily under an oversized sweat shirt or a
North Face Fleece type of top.(I use a stealth gear FLEX OWB)
13 round mag makes it a full size grip. I bought Pearce extensions for mine (adds a round and just the right length to the
You mean they make pistols in 45acp that aren't 1911's.
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If you like the grip angle of Glocks then the 21 is a good choice. If you don't then Sig 220 would be next on my list of suggestions. I've had a 220 for over 3 decades and it has never failed.
FNX 45 Tactical... It is an AMAZING gun! I love mine...
Sig 220 or 227 , glock 21sf , m&p 45 ..Find one that feels and shoots right then get it
Les Bear Concept VI, Les Bear PII.:image035:
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Well, I really like my G21 SF! And I like it's little brother, the G30S, even more.
Then again, you can never go wrong with a P220. Those two (G21 SF and P220) are my favorite full sized 45's!
Hi. I have many and most are excellent. I would choose from these three.
1. A MP fullsize in 45 ACP.
2. A Springfield XD in 45 ACP.
3. A Glock 21 in 45 ACP

No preference of the three, they are all excellent.
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I am waiting for the p220 legion and prefer single action option for range shooting so based on input leaning to HK 45

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