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Who pays for this site?

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OK, I've only been here a couple of weeks, but something I haven't figured out is... How is this site funded? No banner ads, no commercials, nothing.

I'm certainly not complaining, just curious.
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Bumper is the site owner he pays out of his pocket ..
Bud White said:
Bumper is the site owner he pays out of his pocket ..
Thank you, Mr. Bumper!
Well then, let me extent my wholehearted thanks to Mr. Bumper for a site well done. I am most grateful.:congrats:
Rock and Glock said:
Thank you, Mr. Bumper!

I was not aware of this either, but I am glad he puts it up. I spend a fair amount of time here each day.
Thanks, Bumper.
Yes thank you Bumper, great forum. :hand10:
Bumper is - most certainly - da man :smilez:
yep, and has the best gun related site on the net.
Thanks Bumper. :hand10:
You're all very welcome. I don't like ads and popups and banners. And, I expect most of you don't like them any more than I do. If I ever get to the point I can't handle the costs, I may have to get creative in covering them, but it won't be by loading our members with advertising. It also won't be by selling anyone's information....
thank you

Mr Bumper,

Thank you for this site. It is one of the best if not the best forum and gun site I have ever found. It makes my long hard days at work go by much quicker. The only problem that I have now is that I am addicted and this site is the first thing I got to when I get to work. I am in LE so it is not that big of a deal but I have a bad habbit of spending over half my shift working on ways to get back to the station to check this site so I quess it is really a game for me know. JUST DONT QUIT FEEDING MY ADDICTION PLEASE!!!!!!
Bumper, if you have paypal or something similar, why not put a "DONATE" icon somewhere up on the site?

I think I speak for more than a few of us who would like to drop a few bucks on you now and then.

Granted it may not pay for the site, but it will at least offset the cost, or buy you some ammo now and then.
Folks Noticed...yea! ~ No Pop~Ups ~ No Ads & No Commercials.:biggrin2:
Appreciate all the hard work Bumper.
THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bumper.
I like GoodSamaritan's idea as well. You can count me in.
Your well spent money has given me many hours of entertainment and my fiance many hours of frustration. Thankyou Bumper!
I totally agree with all the positive comments about the forum and our illustrious Administrator.

But what's with all this Mr. Bumper stuff?:haha:

Everyone knows he is EL JEFE!:king:
LOL, well, just plain old Bumper is good. It's hard to explain, asking for a donation is just strange to me. Reminds me of all of the guys I run into downtime every day, lol. I'm good for now, guys, really. Enjoy the site! :smile:
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