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I am reminded and motivated to post this piece as per a thread ongoing today specific to firearm safety fundamentals and unintended negligent discharge.

I post this not as a criticism of police.
Nor is this subject matter specific only to police or to persons who carry a gun for any reason/purpose.

I post this as a piece to further educate us all as to seriousness of firearm safety and the need by individuals to _respect_ the devices for what they are and have the power to do & destroy.

If and when you ever find yourself as contacting or even within the vicinity of a firearm(s), it is a requirement and responsibility of your own to be respectful of and aware of it's handling.

To ignore or not know, as in to be ignorant of, this is a fools folly and often times has been a widow maker.


Why Are We Killing Ourselves:
A look at accidental shootings of police officers by police officers

Written by Stuart A. Meyers
Copyright ę 2002
Revised 2005

Accidental shootings occur in law enforcement training and real-life situations at an alarming frequency.
There is a direct correlation between training standards, safety protocol and operational performance. Recent deaths of police officers at the hands fellow police officers prompted the author to investigate the prevalence of this situation. The results of this investigation are not only disturbing, but shocking and elicit the following questions:

• Why are we killing ourselves?
• How do we ensure safe and effective training?

A properly designed and implemented training program will enhance the opportunity to achieve the successful realization of operational objectives, to include officer safety issues. By implementing and practicing safety standards and protocol in training, a basis for operational safety can be created. A lack of safety standards or their subsequent enforcement can result in death or serious injury. While the author understands that “accidents” can occur, we need to eliminate or at the very least, minimize their severity.

This article is primarily directed toward firearms instructors and Special Weapons and Tactics team operators, team leaders and commanders. However, there is also a direct application for any law enforcement officer who carries a firearm and administrators with fiscal responsibilities.


The information presented is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to limit training or law enforcement response procedures and options. We have an overwhelming obligation to provide educational resources and information that could save lives, in particular, the lives of brother and sister officers. If we develop the attitude that IT can’t happen to us, then be assured IT will. In addition, the excuse that tactical officers are so highly training that safety protocol does not need to be followed is absurd. We must not assume anything and ensure that all officers adhere to established safety standards. The entrustment of all lives is everyone’s interminable responsibility.

Stuart A. Meyers is the Chief Executive Officer of OpTac International, Inc. and President of Operational Tactics, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of law enforcement and military personnel. To comment or for further information, please access OpTac International, Operational Tactics - SWAT Training, Sniper Training, Hostage Rescue, or
email [email protected].

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Source -

- Janq

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An excellent compilation of unfortunate incidents. Thank you Janq.

I am sad to see that this gets so few replies. Everyone is worried about which next best gadget to buy that they ignore a most important lesson of not shooting yourself or someone you love.

There are quite a few examples of highly trained professionals doing absolutely dumb things. I can see why the author thought it was necessary to publish the paper they did.

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Agreed Nutz, and yes interesting although sadly not surprising.
There is a bit of reading involved and most people are generally turned off by as much. FTL. :\

Android thanks for posting that!
I knew about the offering but last time I'd looked into it there was only availability toward Glock and AR barrels.
Nice to see they have very much widely expanded the line! I am goign to order a pair for my own guns (1911 Officer and Government) as well as suggest same to friends and fellow shooters who train.
Unlike SnapCaps this won't be lost and can't at all be mistaken as live ammo and vice versa. Also as they note it is cheaper and at that _better_ than using a polymer blue/red gun too.

- Janq
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