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Why do my posts keep disappearing!?!

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I have noticed several posts, just popping out of existance a day or two after I make them.

I don't know of any rules I have broken, nor have I never recieved a pm or email from a moderator, (or anyone else for that matter )telling me that a post of mine was removed for ______ reasons)

It may be wrong but my post counter says "Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Central Kentucky
Posts: 203 " when I use the search feature, I can only find 123. (124 now.. LOL!) What happened to the other 80 posts?

I post regularly on two other message boards, and nothing seems to disappear on either of those.

I am not pointing fingers or anything, but if they are being removed, would someone please tell me why. If it is some glitch with the website that is fine too, but it would be nice to know what is happening.

What gives?
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Got some titles i can search for? if you havent been told they were removed they probley werent.. The post counter thing is funny too if you search my posts it will only give you 500
I rarely put anything in the title, of the posts I make. (replys not new threads)

The most recent one was in this thread.
Hum Cant say dont see anything deleted and nothing moved this will probley have to be looked at by bumper

I can tell you with almost 100% guaranteed certainty that no moderators have intentionally deleted any of your posts. :smile:
Somebody would have said something about it for sure.
Might be some sort of a glitch.
Bumper would need to check it out.
Thats good to know at least. At least I know I haven't been breaking some obscure rule. I know they are making it onto the site, because I generally look them over once they are up in the thread.
I seem to have missed this thread when it was originally posted, but I will answer it so I won't be a total slacker. :biggrin:

Nope, nobody that I know of has deleted any of your posts. I may need to reindex the site for the searches, it sometimes gets out of whack. I will try to do that that later tonight or tomorrow. I expect that the rest of them will show up.....
Thanks....slacker :grin: (j/k)
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