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Why Liberals Love Gun Control

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Why Liberals Love Gun Control
by Justin Darr
19 January 2005

If there is one thing liberals love more than banning Christianity from public schools it is creating ineffective gun control laws. Despite centuries of evidence that gun control laws do not lower crime, stop violence, or make society safer in any way, liberals keep plugging away at our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I am not going to weary you with a regurgitation of all the well known statistics showing how strict gun control laws are followed by sharp spikes in violent crime rates or with arguments asking the Left to explain its intellectual consistency behind their view that the only remedy to a failed gun control law is the creation of another gun control law just like it. The real question in the gun control debate is not the statistics or the nuances of the law but why in the first place liberals are so preoccupied with making it harder for law abiding citizens to carry a gun.

Gun control laws are as old as America, stretching far back into the early Colonial period. As far as the United States as a political entity is concerned, the first gun control law came less than one year after the ratification of the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights, with the "Uniform Militia Act of 1792." In the Act, every "able bodied white male citizen" between the ages of 18 and 45 was to be enrolled in the state militia and was required to "provide himself with a musket or firelock, a bayonet, and ammunition." In early America, it was not a question of "if" you had the right to bear arms, but whether you would be "required" to own a gun. This Act is significant for two reasons. First it shows the intent of the Framers was that every citizen was considered part of the militia; therefore, no citizen could have their right to bear arms curtailed by the government. Second, with the Act designating "white males" as citizens and part of the militia, it effectively denied slaves and even free African-Americans their newly declared Constitutional rights.

It is quite obvious that there were many in early America who did not want slaves, or those sympathizing with their suffering, from having access to guns. Why? Well, it is pretty simple. If slaves had guns, then they would not have been slaves for much longer. Firearms would be used by slaves as a tool to overthrow their oppressors -- just as the American Colonists had done against the British -- and demand their full rights and dignity as citizens. The "Uniform Militia Act of 1792" opened a door that was used by many states to pass follow up legislation that made it illegal not just for African-Americans to carry or own a gun, but to even use one unless under orders from their "master." From its inception, gun control was a vehicle to deny basic rights, prevent self defense, and oppress citizens.

Gun control laws still disproportionately regulate the African-American community, but now our benign liberal leaders want to spread the oppression about a bit more fairly. But the goal remains the same. Gun control does nothing but oppress a population, deny them basic rights, make them subservient to the government, and prevent them from changing their collective conditions at the time of their choosing, rather than at the sanction of the State. Liberals do not want you making your own decisions anymore than they did the slaves. That is their job. How can they possibly restructure society so a Republican is never elected President again, if people are running around not doing what they are told? Liberals love gun control for the simple fact that it directly impacts the most independent, self reliant, and free thinking of us, as demonstrated by our refusal to proxy our personal protection out to an unaccountable government.

The goal of gun control is not to actually control guns and make the world a safer place, but to control people. It is not as important that you pass a criminal background check, so much as it is that you feel obligated to ask the state for permission to buy a gun. Liberals know gun control laws will not stop criminals, but they erode the sense of independence and self reliance of regular people until they feel that they can do nothing that does not meet government approval.

Gun owners choose to protect themselves, thank you very much. They do not need government protection anymore than any of the other ill conceived plans of the Left. And that is why the liberals want to control their guns. It is the only means they have to directly control the lives of those who would otherwise go on ignoring them.
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Hi JT, nice article. In California our legislature is controlled by Democrats, some are being investigated for various crimes. I believe a drug user was on the city council for LA(Not sure 100% but it was la connected). These people have no shame. Look at the current selection process of our State Dept Head Condi Rice, its like open season for the democrats on people because they are smart and level headed. They don't understand this is America and the country is under stress. Our armed services is fighting every day and some will never come back. We have a good Democrat or so around here, they are gun friendly and say so. Meantime our republicans are turning on us by dropping the fight to keep our guns safe.
We have the NRA and various offshoots at the state level, its what they have not done in the past 30 years or so that is hurting us. They didn't understand long term strategy, now some of us are in the fight to just keep what we got. The only way to dig our way out is money, lawyers and power. A no holds barred nasty as hell organization nationwide. Other groups have this why not gun owners??? The other groups use other peoples money why not us??? The NRA is not able to turn the corner and win the fight in NJ,CA,MA etc. I am a lifetime member of the NRA but don't see how they can develop the nasty fight necessary to accomplish goals of freedom for our people.
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