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Took the wife to the range yesterday after work, before it got too dark to see. I had just purchased a Ruger LCP .380 auto that she picked out, she has her permit now and wanted a personal weapon.

Set up target about 10 yards away, was getting dark at the range and she popped off 6 rounds in an outside nice tight group. She barely missed the bullseye once, but this was her first time shooting it. Next mag, she did much better, closer to the center of the target.

I fired a magazine, missed the target completely on the first pull, the pistol is a bit small for me. Settling down, I hit a good group, the next to last round just nicked the bullseye.

She did one more mag, then I fired off just 3 rounds, it was getting darker and I couldn't see the sights on the Ruger.

As a bonus, took my Univeral Arms M-1 Carbine. Had not fired it in a few years. Used the plastic 4-rd mag and emptied it. Let the wife shoot it and she likes it very much. Shooting at a 4x8 fiberboard way off that someone had set and left there. It was too dark to see if we hit it or not.

Next time, it's going to be a daylight trip to the range.
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