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Wilderness/Brommeland Update

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Hey All,
I received my sample today of the Wilderness 5 Stitch Instructer's Belt. I've got to tell you that my initial impression could not be more positive. These things are GREAT!!! They support an OBW and IWB holster as well as a premium leather holster belt and they look great too. I believe that they would go fine w/ jeans, BDU's, even 5.11's and Dockers for casual wear.
I will be stocking these things for sure. Please give me a call @ 423.733.1779 to order one. Thanks!
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RSSZ said:
Suggest that you guys take a close look at what holster will be worn/used with the belt. Lots of great holsters will not accept a 1.75" belt. Especially the lined/stiffened type of belts.----------
Not only do I agree with your statement, but a lot of my pants won't take a 1.75" belt either . . . and keep in mind that the Wilderness belt is at least double the thickness of a standard belt.

Both of mine are 1.5" belts and they fit most of my pants.
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