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Will 200gr LSWC do the job

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I have read many stories about carry ammo and many stories why not to carry your own reloaded ammo. I shoot 200gr lead swc most of the time and if I get to carry again in CA I would just as soon carry those. From a defensive view is this idea OK??? I have heard over the years about you cannot trust your reloads but can boxed ammo etc. So not looking for that argument but would like to focus on the defensive cabability of 200gr swc. What do you think. Thanks
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I\'ve heard the arguments, as well, and most of my home defense firearms are, in fact, loaded with .40 SW Golden Sabers. Why tempt fate.

But I have been a bullet caster and reloader for about 30 years. If I needed to I would have no qualms about using carefully manufactured reloads (the only kind I assemble) to defend myself and family. I can document my credentials quite easily.

Attack me as I\'m holding one of my \'toy'pistols and you\'ll get a thorasic cavity full of 225 grain linotype slugs delivered by a Terry Tussey custom 1911.

Not the best situation, but then you cannot cater a tragedy. Like everyone else, I buy fire insurance and hope I never have to use it.
200grLSWC at 900 to 1000fps should work fine, no expansion unless a heavy bone is hit--may have some overpenetration problems, but remember; Handgun ammo is only about 10% or the solution.
Well said both of you! Terry Tussey was doing his custom jobs here just a few miles away not too long ago. I understand he builds a nice 1911. Thanks for the response.
I guess I would trust a reputable reloader, but I wouldn't trust my own reloads (I quit reloading 20 years ago). I just can't seem to be able to get interested in reloading again. I guess it's just not my "thing". I would rather be loaded with Golden Sabers as well....
I just reloaded 200 shotgun shells and they will do fine..:lol:
I carry my relaods in 45 but 9mm i buy just havnt got around to working up a 9mm load yet
The Tourist touched on using lead in a .45, KC135 responded in a matter of fact way about penetration, that was good. Bumper gave a good honest I don\'t reload anymore. I was hoping for someone to touch on the use when having to shoot at someone behind say a car door or wall. I will take a look at myself again wanting to carry swc and maybe check out self defense loads. Thanks everyone.:p
The SWC design is a good round. The fact that it is in a .45 makes it even better.

My favorite deer hunting load is a 240 grain LSWC in a Colt Anaconda .44. It zips right along at 1200 FPS. Ive only killed one deer with it and it was a front angle shoulder shot that hit the right front shoulder and exited in front of the left hip. I take it bear hunting occasionaly nad would have no problem whacking a bear with it.

The 200 grain .45 in ACP wont have the penetration that the .44 does simply because the sectional density of the bullet is near as robust. The 240. 44 is a much longer bullet than the 200 .45 ACP bullet.

Even so, the fact that it IS a swc design means that it will make a nice round .45 hole in whatever it hits. Roundnose designs tend to leave a smaller entrance hole in soft tissue. It will penetrate better than a JHP, but in the .45 ACP the penetration isnt that great. I think its better than .45 ball, just because of the clean hole.

If I was worried about shooting though wall or a car door, I would use FMJ.
You could just alternate and get the best of both worlds. HP.FMJ.HP.FMJ.HP,FMJ,HP,FMJ.
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HotGuns said:
The SWC design is a good round. The fact that it is in a .45 makes it even better.
If I was worried about shooting though wall or a car door, I would use FMJ.
You could just alternate and get the best of both worlds. HP.FMJ.HP.FMJ.HP,FMJ,HP,FMJ.
THanks HotGuns-appreciate the info, I really like the .44 my S&W shoots very well. Good idea about alternating loads, its one of those things I thought about at some point. Good ideas just fade!!!
I don't know how to get smiley faces in here...there are a bunch available maybe someone will point it out. Take care...good shooten.
Dutch load and the right load will never come up when needed:(. Murphy will be there!
I wouldn't feel defenseless with that load, but I'd much rather have a good hollowpoint. I carry 230gr Ranger T in my .45.
lswc from what I have read and been told are prone to over-expansion when meeting something of high density (read car door, axial bone, even car glass). FortyFive, I am with you in wantiing to know what the bare minimum is to be able to carry. This is an easy question. What do your local SWAT or even regular patrolmen carry in their carry weapons? That should give you an idea of what it is shoudl be in your respective mags when you carry.

I do like Hotguns idea about loading a magazine with different types of rounds but KC135 points out Murphy's Law will take over. LOL
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