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Here's my story. I own a magnum research desert eagle 1911 commander model. I just purchased a single Wilson combat etm mag because I have heard great things about them. Here are my concerns.

1. While inserting a full mag (8 rounds) it requires significant more force to seat it in the mag well. I won't say it's overly difficult, but compared to the factory mags that came with it, it probably requires twice as much force.

2. After inserting and releasing the Wilson combat mag a few time I noticed a slight flattening on the extractor ridge of the hornady round in the mag. The top round was also pushed forward slightly in the mag. I could not reproduce this in the factory mags.

3. Lastly the plastic thing in the mags act differently. The Wilson mag seizes up unless press directly in the center of the plastic. Where as the factory mag moves up and down smoothly no matter where it is depressed. The problem with this is it slightly slows down loading the mag.

I feel these are valid concerns if I'm paying premium price for a magazine. I like the steel it is made of, but it seems like it should be better than a factory mag right?
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