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Wilson Combat Excellent Service

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I had a problem with a Model 47D failing to feed properly. I called Larry Lyles, Cusomer Service at Wilson and explained the problem, and he told me to do a couple of things and get back with him for a solution. I complied with his requests, and called him back. He told me to send him the Magazine and he would send a new one. Great!!!! It only took 5 day's both ways! I gotta say that dealing with Larry was a nice change in today's business world. I will alway's use a Wilson Combat magazine to feed my Kimber Tactical Custom ll. Just wanted you guy's to know what great service Wilson Combat has to offer!:danceban:
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I have four wilson combat mags for my kimber eclipse pro carry. They are the best magazines that I have had. I can not talk about the service department since I have never had to use it.
Always great to hear the good feedback info as well as the bad.

There is good cust' service still out there - thank heaven.
Got mags,mag"guts",shotgun accessories,and a couple of AR things from them. They have always been helpful,knowledgeable,courtious,and prompt. They get my A+.

And whats mo bedda,they will continue to get my reccomendation to other shooters,hunters,and,competitors. ---------
I've had good luck with wilson mags Haven't had to try the warranty yet
Top notch company....
I've got some Wilson mags and some Wilson grips. First-freakin'-rate, all the way.

Whenever it has come time to buy stuff for my 1911's, the one thing I keep coming back to is this: every Wilson thing I've ever bought has ALWAYS worked, out-of-the-box, first time, every time.
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