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Wilsons are like a drug!!!

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Well I went and did it again. I've said it to others and others have said it as well. Wilson's are like Lays Potato wont be satisfied with just one.

Some time ago I read an article about the Wilson Professional in one of my gun rags written by, of all people, a noted revolver afficinado named John Taffin. Of course his article made this gun look like some sort of "supergun" and he touted it attributes and supposedly bought the test gun sent to him. The gun was finished in Wilson's durable Armour-Tuff finish and I was somewhat enamored with the look of the gun. I am partial to the 4" 1911's. After that I bought my first Wilson...a CQB 5" and the relationship began. About 6 months later I came across a CQB Compact while looking for a Professional. No one had one in stock and I like to handle a gun before buying, so an online sale was not an issue for me. I have enjoyed them both through many hundred rounds and many targets with small ragged holes in their 10 rings. I recieved a call from the dealer that I have bought the other two Wilson's from, informing me that he had a Stainless Professional in his delivery from Wilson and would I be interested in one. I told him to hold it back and I would be there in about an hour. He then asked me if I still had that stainless Champion might I want to trade it in on the Wilson. It seems that he had someone come in his store asking for one. So needless to say, after some wheeling & dealing to get the numbers right for my pocketbook, and filling out the paperwork, I brought home another member to my Wilson family.
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Tex - beautiful gun - love the look of it. I am rather partial to stainless I must admit.

Well - go get'r'broke in!!!

Will this become your 1º carry when all settled in?
I have to say that is absolutely beautiful and I bet it's a shooter and a half too. Glad you like it.
Nice lookin' 1911. A bit flashy for me, but none the less a very nice gun. Looks perfect, no extra bells and whistles, just a good, reliable piece.
Now that looks like a gun I would be proud to own! If it shoots half as good as it looks, you are in for more fun than a man has the right to have!!:smile:
Oh Yah.
Beautiful piece. Gotta love a stainless commander size 1911 :image035:
I love the Professional, awesome gun.

Damn, that's beautiful. When do we get the range report?

What a nice looking 1911! When I see pictures of classy leather carry rigs, this is the type of pistol I picture them carrying. Very nice!

Thanks Gang for your compliments!!!

Oh, I am chomping at the bit to shoot the darn thing, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse. If I can make it outdoors this weekend I will at least put a few rounds downrange. I loaded a snap cap into it today and checked the trigger pull......a crisp 3.75 lbs. This is a bit light for me and for my carry weapon, but I will just have to learn to live with it. Cycling the slide by hand is like ball bearings in oil, just like my other two Wilson's. I was concerned that the Stainless would not be as smooth as the Armour-Tuff guns.
My CQB Compact outshot my CQB fullsize, which was contrary to the guarantee by Wilson. I hope this gun does the same and am sure it will live up to the accuracy, functionality and dependability that is the reputation of the Wilson brand. I want to get it to the range for some controlled shooting from a bench and can make a decent report.

I truly think that if this gun is half of what I think it will be, it will be my 100 percent carry gun.

Flashy it doubt!!! I have always chosen the stainless pistols and revolvers that I have, because of their resistance to the elements. My Stainless Ruger Redhawk in .41mag is my primary whitetail hunting weapon, after my Hoyt compound bow. I have hunted with it in all kinds of adverse weather without any evidence of corrosion or rust. My Stainless Taurus Model 415 in .41mag ported 2" snubby is my truck and ranch gun and here in South Texas we sweat, I mean sweat. I have ruined at least one holster from swear saturation, but the gun has never had any problems. My Stainless Ruger SP-101 is my wifes favorite ranch carry. They are all exposed to the elements regularly and the stainless, in my opinion is much better suited for those environments. The Stainless Professional will be carried next to my skin, IWB, daily, only a stones throw from the Texas gulf coast and that salt air humid environment it provides. I have two other Wilsons, a CQB and a CQB Compact, both coated with Armour-Tuff and supposedly almost impervious to such environments........but the stainless does not wear off!!
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checked the trigger pull......a crisp 3.75 lbs.
Damn!! That is way cool for an out the box gun - NICE!!!!
Nice Piece Ya Got There! <drooling>
CLASS3NH said:
Nice Piece Ya Got There! <drooling>
How come you ain't got one of them Cool Wilson's
I've never been one for stainless but his gun is just pure beautiful! And I love the front strap checkering! I like how the stainless seems to have more of a satin matte finish. I've been looking at compacts and had considered the SA Ultra Compact but compared to this, it's stainless looks cheap and flashy....

Nice gun, enjoy!
Looks good Tex! :hand10:
no extra bells and whistles

What is your definition of bells and whistles.
My Wilson Tactical Elite built on an STI 2011 frame has somewhere upwards of 100,000 rounds through it now. This gun even feeds empty brass from the magazine, just chucks the entire mag without a hiccup.

The only problems the gun has had are wear related. It's been back to Wilson only once for repairs, they did a bang up job.
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