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Winchester Ranger - shorter barrel

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Hey all

I'm looking for a shoter (18 3/4) barrel for my Winchester Ranger 120 shotgun, but have been unable to find any leads. I'm also looking for a pistol grip for it. Any idea where I could find a good deal on these parts?

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Don't know where you have looked but ATI makes quite a few special stocks, Choate too - then IIRC CDNN and/or Natchez have extra goodies for a lot of guns.

Can't think of any obvious lead right now tho. See what others can add.

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Not sure how this works. A shotgun has to be 26" overall, with at least an 18" barrel. If you have an 18" barrel and put folding stocks on it have you just turned it into a short shotgun that you have to give BATF $200 for, or what?

I also have a Winchester Ranger 120. I just had a gunsmith cut the barrel down when I bought it.
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