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Winchester Super X

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This was taken from another forum.
This IS NOT me or my post.

Thought some members might be carrying w/ this ammo.
Provided as an informational heads up.

"I have been carrying Winchester Super X hollow point rounds for the past several months.
For some reason I decided to fire a couple of these rounds at the range yesterday.
I fired 9 of the rounds.
Not one performed properly. 2 of the nine sounded like air rifle rounds Fffffffffft.
The other 7 didn't fire at all. I keep the pistol in a safe in my house so that it is not exposed to extreme temperatures.
I then fired 100 range rounds, Federal Ammunition, and they were fine.
My questions are:
1) What happened?
2) How often should I cycle my carry ammunition?
3) Does everyone test fire their carry ammunition at some point?

If I am going to be carrying rounds that don't fire I wonder if I should incorporate practicing throwing my pistol at a target when I am at the range.

I would appreciate anyone's thoughts as this was an alarming incident for many reasons."
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I picked up a tip on carry ammo. If you reload , or have a scale, weight your ammo 1 round at a time. this insures there is powder in the cartridge. even manufactured ammo can be misloaded.
That is pretty alarming - hope the guy gets in touch with Win'.

True enough as Rocky says - a round by round weight analysis is well useful - a discrepancy even with 9mm of somewhere around 5 grains should set of alarm bells. Bullets are usually not much more than +/- 1 grain.
Just a guess. I wonder if he is over lubing the gun and oil penetrated into the primers and killed them. Sounds like the oil would have had several months to do it.
Looks like I need to get back to the range, I carry 147gr silvertips, in my 9mm. I've had them for about 4 months, last time I popped a few off they went bang. Maybe I need to shoot the rest I have, about 80 rounds, and cycle in a new batch. I've been thinking of switching to hydra shok's anyway.
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