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I'm going... anyone else from WI going to the capitol today? I have the luxury of working third shift, and it just so happens I have tonight off, so I don't care about sleep today. Just curious...

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Sorry I forgot about that! Copy and paste will work!

Brief post regarding WI CCW on Missouri Carry! we have been pulling for you guy's. One of our members SFC-Stu is friends with Seneter Zien where he got the info.

The Wisconsin Senate just passed the PPA [CCW] 20-13! SFC Stu

That's not veto proof though.

I stand corrected! I just got an email from Senator Zien's Office! The website showed 20-13! Senator Zien's email said 23-10, that is Veto proof. Sorry, I should have waited for the Senator's email! SFC Stu


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Yes sir it is! it passed and if the number is correct being 23-10 it cannot be vetoed!


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Brian45 said:
Congrats to the Cheese and Beer state. Now I hope they will reciprocate with MI, (and many others) I will visit more often if it works out that way.
yeah no doubt, I was thinking the same exact thing. now I can enjoy my favorite beer brewery [miller brew comp, MIL WI] with all the safety I deserve! :018:

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Good, always good to have more states to possibly carry in. Also to have more gun rights in general for the U.S. . Glad you WI guys will get the rights back to carry.

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More updates!!!!!

email I received last night.


Dear fellow gun owner:

This evening, in a surprisingly short two-hour debate, the Wisconsin
Senate passed SB403, the Personal Protection Act shall-issue concealed

Five Senate Democrats voted for the bill: Senator Russ Decker
Senator Julie Lassa (Stevens Point), Senator Bob Wirch (Pleasant
Senator Roger Breske (Eland), and Senator Jeff Plale (Milwaukee/South
Milwaukee/Cudahy/Oak Creek).

Eighteen of the nineteen Senate Republicans voted for the bill. The
Republican to vote against the bill was Senator Luther Olsen (Ripon).

It should be noted, though, that Senator Olsen voted for the override
Governor Doyle's veto last year, even after voting against it on the
go-round in the Senate.

Today's vote is one more than is needed to override Governor Doyle's
promised veto. If Senator Olsen votes to override, that means we have
more votes than necessary to override. We need 22 votes to override.

There were many objectionable amendments to the bill that had been
added in
committee that were voted upon today and tabled (defeated). For more
on these amendments, check out Senator Zien's website at

There were some attempts to change the bill radically, which were also
defeated. A suggestion that the bill contain fingerprinting
provision that some have mistakenly said the NRA was pushing for--was
offered by Senator Fred Risser, and roundly rejected. Another of
Risser's suggestions, one that would have required recurrent training
instruction, also was rejected.

Our next battle is in the Assembly next week, where we there are as
many as
three more votes than required to override the governor's veto. Of
without your action, we could lose by as little as one vote.

As soon as the Assembly calendar is set in stone, we'll let you know
date and time.

Many who receive these emails think we can't win. Those folks are

Our chances this year are actually better than last year. We can win.

Please contact your senators who voted for the bill and thank them for
support. You can find your state senator by going to and entering your address.

The Personal Protection Act was authored over a decade ago. For years
went nowhere. The last six years have brought us progressively closer
passage. Last year, we only missed by one vote on the veto override.

We have the momentum to win.

Please do not give up, or give in.

The Wisconsin Concealed Carry Association


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Very glad to see the progress - but oh my - it should not be necessary to have to fight such battles over plain constitutional rights.

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Chris, ain't that the truth? Liberals will get you killed if you let them.


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UPDATE: The assembly is now voting on PPA on Tuesday, December 13th. This date could make history ladies and gentlemen, if we can muster enough votes (God knows what happened with the house last time...) Wisconsin will also have CCW and there will only be 3 states left in the union that are not afforded this right. I'll definitely be writing my rep. this week and hopefully attend the vote for this as well. This is an exciting time in Wisconsin, let's hope it's not in all vain. You have no idea how much I'd like to stick it to Doyle on this one...
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