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Wonder what the reserve is

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You don't see to many of these around, I love ithicas, and wouldn't mind having it. I wouldn't pay more than $350 for it though.
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Don't forget tho - as often happens on the GB and GA boards - auction fever sometimes kicks in and folks pay well beyond real market value.

Tempting tho if price was acceptable - not so sure re that S&H cost tho!

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Well he emailed me back and this is what he said,

"Hi, I have tried to attach pics, but I am not very computer savey so I hope I don't make an error. Please let me know if they don't come through. I have always heard that the way to check for a full choke is to try and insert a dime down the barrel, if it goes in it is not a full choke, so that is why I included a pic of the dime sitting edge wise on the barrel. The other pic is to reference wear the full choke mark is on the barrel and the final pic is the full choke marking you requested. The reserve is $600.00. Thank you and have a nice day, good luck bidding. John"

I don't think I will be bidding on this, since the reserve is $600, although it really, really is calling me.


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You should be able to find a used Ithaca in 12 locally for about the same $$ & be able to check it out first hand.
The Ithaca makes for a fantastic Riot/Police gun.
Nice reliable bottom ejection...the receiver is milled/machined from a solid block of gun steel. Really pumps the rounds into the chamber with a lot of positive power. Extremely reliable.

Try to buy an older one without the disconnect.
That way you can just hold the trigger in & it will fire with every cycle of the pump. Fun! :biggrin2:
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