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Worth bothering with?

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I'm considering getting an NAA .22 Mag revolver but I'm not sure it's even worth the bother. I've never shot .22 mag and while I'm sure it wouldn't stop a charging rhino, I've gotten mixed responses when I've asked people if it is even worth bothering with as a "last resort" gun. Really what I'm looking for is a gun that can be easily carried in the front pocket. Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated as well as suggestions on how much to pay for a new/used one and any place you might know of on the internet where I could get one cheaper than retail.
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Glock M29 or 1911—both in 10mm
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I've got the NAA 22LR mini revolver and that's a nice little pocket mouse gun for real hot weather with the full understanding that to use it properly and effectively will require one to JAM it into the eye socket of the BG before pulling the trigger. Even so, when I did test fire the little 22LR the .25" barrel wound up in the vertical position in my clenched fist. The 22WMR version is much bigger (my father-in-law's is sitting in front of me now) it has a four shot cylinder and although it still fits neatly in the palm of my hand, the tip of the muzzle almost reaches the tip of my middle finger...quite a bit larger than the 22LR version. There is NO way the teeny barrel is going to take advantage of the increase in velocity generated by the 22WMR cartridge and I can only guess that the muzzle flash is going to be ferocious along with the noise.

You'd be far better off with a Kel-Tec P3AT or a small Taurus in Titanium in 38sp.

Try for a good representation on prices.

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I've had the .22 mag & traded it.

I loved it though.
I'm getting another one & just buying the smaller .22 LR...
I see no real advantage to the mag version.

I've shot them both BTW.
The .22 LR is easier to palm.

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Tho the 22 mag version is longer I find it still very easy to ''lose'' on the person. The .22 WMR gives approx the same vel from a Mini as a std 22LR out of a rifle - so approx 1200 or so I expect.

Leaving aside the occasional unreliability of rimfires, it is such a small gun that certainly at bad breath ranges it has its uses. If there is a failure to fire then recock and try again - has to be better than nothing extra at all.

I think these guns are very nicely engineered. No regrets at getting mine - love the lil guy!


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Do I misunderstand ?? A .22Mag has the same "force"(???) as a .38 Special ? Sorry mikee,no way.

DWPA, For me,the cutoff in power for a BUG or a BUG's BUG would be the .32ACP(with proper ammo).

The .22Mag fired at the closer ranges, aimed at the CNS parts of the anatomy would do the trick I would think. I also feel that a non-HP .22mag will out penetrate a .32ACP HP and probably a .32 FMJ.

So...answering your question,I would reccommend that you forgo the .22's and obtain a .32 or a .380 for a very small BUG. If you haven't yet,take a feel of the small Kel-Tec's before you buy a smaller weapon.

I also believe that a person should carry what THEY feel will best suit them to the task of self/family protection. To this end we should carry what we feel that we WILL carry. ALWAYS !! -------
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