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Would Like Your opinions

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Hi All, I've been working on these for awhile and was wondering what your opinions are . Pro or con bring it on because thats how I learn what is wanted by people who carry.:smile:

This is the rig I just finished

Me wearing that same rig, as you can tell I'm not exactly tiny, my wife say's I'm robust:image035:

This is the belt I made .

Thanks for looking,
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The mag pouch looks good from the pic ..

As for the holster its hard to tell from the top pic its basically in the dark part of the pics

Looks like it hid well under your shirt

HAte to complaine about your pics but they will Sell or no Sell your good if i cant make something out ina pic i wont buy it ..

For a good primer on pics check out a post somewhere by p95carry called image matter or help with pictures he will post a link when he pops in

From what i can see it looks good

Same for the belt in the first and 3rd pic

Last pic part of the holster is hide again
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Your Right Bud , Sorry, I Hope the lighting is better in these pics, Old camera only 2 mega pixels.

I folded the leather at the muzzle to push the butt of the gun into your side.

The holster is fully lined.
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The link Bud was thinking of is this one - Image Matters.

Mind you most of what I have there is general and broad coverage but some mention is made re lighting etc. Main suggestion would be to use diffuse lighting - two to three sources above white sheet - soften shadows and help reduce harsh highlights - but it does need some camera manual control options to exploit fully.

These pics are fine overall - just that the subject matter could look even better.

You have been doing some fine work it seems - and if you use an awl and hand double-stitch - it's pretty darned good. I have done it - hurts the hands and ain't easy.

Belt looks very nice too. I think you may need yet to get more wet moulding improvements but the basic profile of the rig is pleasing, and being an OWB belt-slide fan, can imagine it will sit quite well.
Gary, PM sent
Thanks , Rhome
My digital camera is a 1 megapixel with digital zoom. The easiest way for me to get the best lighting without all the glare is to shoot the pics outside during daylight hours. It limits when I can take photos but until I can put together a full setup with the indirect, filtered lighht like Chris uses it'll have to do. I still need a tripod and remote cable too ... if I could quit buying guns, leather and ammo for a month or two I think I could buy the basic setup I want. :wink:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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