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Would you come to a course in Shreveport?

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If I got one of the good instructor's to come to S'port who would be interested in coming? Say a one day course on a weekend. I want a course for practical defense for non-policemen and lI want an index type system for 7 yards and under where you don't really line up your sights - not even a front sight - cause it may be dark! I think if we got 10-13 people together a good coach would fly in for a one day class. I have one instructor in mind but want to see what interest is in this area. I'd be hoping for a Sat or Sun in June and a cost per person of not over $300. for a full day. That's a lot cheaper than a long trip for a hot shot course. Let's bring it here.
Let me know what you think.
I'm not associated with any instructor or school and have never been to any school -other than the U S Olympic Training Center many years ago when my son was invited as a state champion shooter and his coach sent me as the coach, and we both got target pistol coaching from high level army instructors, but not combat type stuff.
It seems to me the best way to cut the high cost of travel to these instructors is to group up and get one to fly here. And many of us can only give up one day for a course. So let me know.
I don't want to debate here about which system is better or the demerits of point shooting (or what ever label you choose) I've done a ton or research and know "front sight" and other similar systems are great also IF you have the time to practice and do practice enough. So PLEASE refrain from lectures and unfriendly comments on that issuse. (ie. just be nice and if you must -disagree without being disagreeable. I don't want this thread to deteriorate like so many do, on this heated issuse). I'll probably be back here later wanting to form a group to try a front sight course also (I'm open minded and don't claim to be "right") and you can join me then. But now, I want a practical plan that gives a reasonable level of competence fairly quickly for folks like me that shoot some but might not practice a lot,or forever, or compete. I want a plan if something bad happens and you need to be able to shoot reasonably accurate,pretty fast, at 7 yards or less and/or have some defensive techniques already worked out that will work.
You can answer here or email me at [email protected] or call my offiice in Louisiana at 800 377 0127 (in daytime CST)
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Sounds interesting - and you're only 5 hours from me ;)
check your PM's -

Perhaps these links to reviews of students from our latest course in Pennsylvania will draw those who may be on the fence to decide to check us out in the Shrevesport area:

That's not too far to drive form Baton Rouge but I can't afford to change my mind much less spend that kind of money on a gun class. Maybe when I win the Powerball and don't have to work any more I will be able to consider things like this.:frown:
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