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Would you like to see Sig make a double stack(Hi-Cap) 45acp?

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This is a wishful thinking question and it's probably been mention before.
Would anyone here be interested in a double stack version of a Sig P220?

I don't see why Sig would not make a hi-cap version of the P220. They had to redesign the P245 to shorten it up(I know the slide was resigned/remachined, they can get way with using the existing frame and just trim a little off). I think Sig could get 12-14 rds in the new version.
Yes, I'm biased on this subject because I love "HiCap" guns but "Shot Placement" is always #1. I'm also biased because wide grip guns(double stack) feel better in my hand(that's strange even to me because I have small hands and stand only 5'3-4" tall). I think it would sell just because I believe the USA crowd appeals to the "bigger & more" factor/package and I think Sig can make history again by squeezing in a 'HiCap" 45acp model(P220 or something else) before Congress makes another HiCap restriction on US(tax payin/law abiding citizens).

Does anyone think there is a market(USA & worldwide) for the "HiCap/double stack" P220?

Would any of you existing P220 owners buy the 'Hi-Cap/double stack" version?

What kind of sales projection(#'s sold) do you think Sig want before even considering to make a "Limited" run?
What would happen if handgun enthusiast(club members, forum members & etc.) from all over the world to sign a petition to show interest in a "HiCap/double stack" 45acp made by Sig(everyone who would want it send Sig an e-mail, that would get their attention)?
Anyone think this could work? We have to start somewhere, we could get another piece of history(I believe a ban is coming back)!
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I own four Sigs...and the 220 is my duty gun.

If SIG would get off of their butts and make a double stack, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, qualify with it even faster and tote that for the duty gun.

Why in the heck they havent done that yet is beyond me.
And while we are it...I'd buy a double stack 10MM also.
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