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Would you trade?

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One of my clients was in this morning and said he had been looking for a S&W 642.

Well I just happen to have one that we really don't shoot anymore, so off hand, I yell to my wife that he wanted to buy her 642. Well he really wants to trade it for a Norinco folding stock SKS and 200 rds of ammo.

That seems a bit light though.

The wife's comment was "you got an M-1 carbine, and its a done deal".

I am pretty sure that the 642 will remain in the safe. He really liked the CT laser, and his wife liked it as well, but since I already have one SKS and don't really shoot it, I can't see that the folding stock model would be used any more.

So, would you do the trade, or would he have to sweeten the pot?
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In todays market maybe. I love my SKS and while I am sure you could sell it, if it just sits in the safe and the 642 gets use maybe not. Seems as things go the SKS may be one of those weapons that becomes REALLY valuable one dayif these fools in office get their way.

See how I didn't really answer the question? I should run for office! Trade it if you dont use the 642. If you or your Mrs carry it, keep it.
Trade away a S&W 642 for a SKS that I already had? No, I wouldn't.

Now, if he had a decent M1 Carbine that he'd be willing to trade, sure. Though, you'd probably need to sweeten the pot a bit, there.

But then, it comes down to your preferences, not mine. So long as you're getting what you'd prefer and are aware of the relative values ... no harm, no foul.

Enjoy whatever it is you get out of the deal.
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I agree, I wouldn't mind sweetening the pot on a decent M1 carbine, but he doesn't have that to trade.
Let see, A 642 sell for 350 to 360 at our LGS. Depending on the sks model it might be a far trade if you need or want a solid defence rifle.
I'd evaluate the market for SKS's right now, see how well they are selling and for how much. If you can make a profit on the trade by flipping the SKS immediately after - why not go for it.

On the other hand, the SKS might not resell, and you can -never- go wrong with a good S&W revolver. I'll give up a fair number of things before I get rid of my S&W 629 or 460.
I like the way your wife thinks!

I say keep the 642, especially since you already have an SKS. A folding stock on carbine makes sense, but on a full-size gun like that it's just goofy, IMO.
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I have to concur with everyone else, keep the 642.

Until you find an M1 Carbine
Gotta go with the wife on this one. You trade and she will never ever ever let you forget it.
If you have an sks and dont use it, what is the point of a second gun you wont use? even if you dont use the S&W, its a hell of a lot prettier to look at than the sks.
Which is the most useful weapon to you?
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The 642 is one of my favorite cc for fast trips to the store just throw it in my pocket great gun especially if its pre lock
As far as monetary value, the SKS might hold a slight edge over the 642.

You may be able to off the SKS for something more valuable to someone who is really looking for one right now.

Or if you are in no mood to horse trade at the moment, keep the S&W.
I like the way your wife thinks!

I say keep the 642, especially since you already have an SKS. A folding stock on carbine makes sense, but on a full-size gun like that it's just goofy, IMO.
Goofy is as goofy does.
Some M1 carbines are junk like the universal brand. Be careful ...
Nope. Odds of using any firearm for self defense are slim. Slimmer still are the odds of using a rifle. So if you just wanted to have fun shooting a rifle then go ahead but if you are like me and only keep working guns, I would keep the 642. I had two of them at one time and sold both. Then I started looking for another as I missed it but could not find one. I ended up buying a Ruger LCR and after 42 years of shooting only S&W and Colt Revolvers, I am now a Ruger Revolver fan. I just love the trigger on the LCR and the price. :)
...I'd keep the're not likely to shoot a folder much and you don't need two AKs just sitting there...the 642 is always welcome...and gives you another gun to stash for easy access...they're going for 450-600 here, depending on condition...
Would I trade? No.

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