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I have happily been using a C-Tac holster for the last few years, but just the other day had a clip break on me. Like many people would, I took this as a sign that it is time for an upgrade!

I am hoping that someone here on the forum is looking to clean out the old "holster drawer" and help me out.

I am looking for a holster that is compatible with a Glock 26, an IWB that is leather. The brand name, leather type, or color is unimportant to me. If it is used, that is fine by me as long as it is still in fair condition.

If anyone has anything, send me a few pics and an asking price. I am not a picky man when it comes to style. I am very flexible, just looking for something to wear everyday that is comfortable and works well.

If no one has anything to offer, suggestions on which of the many quality manufacturers I should look at more closely would be greatly appreciated. I don't mind ordering a custom holster, just looking for something ASAP and like many on the forum, I can't stand the wait for any ordered gear.

Thanks to All!
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