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Several holsters for sale that I no longer need. All are in great shape with minimal use and no issues. All prices are OBO. See below for pictures and details.

1. Harry's Holsters IWB for an M&P Shield. Can also include Raven overhooks if preferred. Asking $30.00.
IMG_20200328_110915.jpg IMG_20200328_110922.jpg

2. Multi Holsters IWB for a Springfield XD-S .45. Asking $25.00.
IMG_20200328_110803.jpg IMG_20200328_110810.jpg

3. Armordillo Concealment magazine pouch for Springfield XD-S .45 mags. Asking $10.00.
IMG_20200328_110952.jpg IMG_20200328_111000.jpg

4. Panther Concealment paddle holster for a Springfield XD-S .45. Asking $20.00.
IMG_20200328_110932.jpg IMG_20200328_110937.jpg

5. White Hat Holsters hybrid IWB for a Springfield XD-S .45. Asking $20.00.
IMG_20200328_110858.jpg IMG_20200328_110905.jpg
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