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Want to sell a brand new, never used, still in the baggie (with wrench, lock tite, instructions, and torx wrench) Larue LT150 mount. This has never touched a rifle or an optic (I literally just opened the box, ordered direct from Larue, and pulled it out).
For a view of the bottom side, with spare battery storage

Why Larue? First off, the mount repeats it's zero when removed, and reinstalled in the same slot on the rail. Period.

Click the following links in order to see the study that proves it.

Larue has a lifetime warranty, no questions asked. Per their website
"Hey! a truck ran over my Aimpoint in your mount ! "
In a case such as this, your LT mount will be replaced at no-charge, but you will need to contact your insurance agent in regards to the Aimpoint. ;^)
This mount is designed for an Aimpoint red dot unit with 30mm tubes. I'd imagine that similar red-dots with 30mm tubes would function just as well.

Asking $90 shipped.
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