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Money just keeps getting tighter and tighter and I have to reluctantly sacrifice my only back up handgun to pay some bills.

1- Smith and Wesson M&P Compact firearm chambered in 9mm (no safety, no magazine disconnect)
2- 12 round magazines
3- Backstraps. Small, medium and large

Round count is less than 100. I have tested one full mag of Speer Gold Dot 124 grain +p just to see if the gun will function with defensive rounds. I believe this is a recently made M&P, the trigger reset is very minimal and crisp not like the M&P's made in the past.

1-Raven Concealment OWB Kydex 1.5" belt loops with IWB belt loops included
1-Custom Kydex holster made by a friend for AIWB 1.5" belt loop

I'd prefer FTF in Southwest PA area but will ship to states that legally allow ownership of this firearm, if you are interested in live in a different state please allow me time to check your state laws about magazine capacity and magazine disconnect. Sorry but I do not ship to California or New York.

Asking price: 685$ + 20$ shipping for whole package. Will consider splitting up the package to any potential buyers.
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