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For sale is a Surefire X300 (NOT the Ultra). It has been mounted on a pistol a few times and drawn from a holster, and the remainder of the time, used on my carbine.
Condition is excellent, other than a small ding on the front edge near the bezel on one side (visible in pic below). Another noteworthy fact is the bezel entire bezel and lens has been replaced by Surefire. The lens had come loose at some point, and they fixed it for me under warranty. So, condition of lens and bezel is like new!
Will include all included hardware, but no box or batteries. It's currently set up with the Picatinny rail latch, but it will include the other latches too.
$140 shipped. Prefer USPS money order, but you can contact me for Pay Pal details. Please email me at [email protected] if interested.

In the above pic, you can see the small ding I was referring to. A close up below...
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