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Stick mags is aftermarket
Mix of leo and training and normal glock 23 and 22 mags all used all but the stick is factory one of the 22 has a base extension on it 60$ shipped for everything

Glock 43 etc mag
Glock 26 10 rounder with Garrsion grip extenstion
Glock 30 9 rounder
All 3 mags for 30$ shipped

Lot of colt 20 and 30 rounder.. All are very very very used .. Some are prob not usably unless repaired most might need new follwers or floor plates ..Non are pre ban .. The 20 is a crime bill marked mag the others are mostly 2010/2011 stamped mags ..the 30 have green follwers 55$ shipped for all of them

At this time I am only taking USPS MO or Chase MO no digtal payemnts at this time ..None of the mags are pre ban .. I will not ship the over 10 round mag to ban states or cities in any form ..All are sold as is no refund .. All are used

Glock 19 mags normal 15 rounders gen 5 wanted
Top loading AK drum mags romy or sovit
Glock factory stick mags any caliber

I am only looking for long tearm members for trading though
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