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The ankle holster I am looking for is for a KAHR PM9

(Please do not post in this thread unless you have an offer and have said "PM sent". Especially nothing negative or it will be reported :nono: . Thank you for being polite!)

1) MS Black Horsehide (used but in good condition) VMII for a Glock Compact (19/23 size) RH


2) BRAND NEW Glock 26/27/33 (Subcompact) MS VMII BLack Horsehide with Sharkskin Trim (Looks absolutely sweeeeet).

The deal will involve cash depending on the manufacturer of your ankle holster (Alessi/Mitch Rosen), the condition (Pictures must be sent via Email), the make & time of manufacture, and the color. The Ankle holster MUST be for RH use. Please PM me with ONLY one of these two manufacturer's ankle holster offers. That is all that I am interested in besides selling them straight up. Phone contact must be made prior to finalized deal. Prices selling are below:

1st MS VMII --- G19/23 Black Horsehide used in good considition (RH): $200.00

2nd MS VMII --- G26/27/33 Black Horsehide VMII w/ Sharkskin Trim (RH): $300.00

I am in Houston, TX.

Shipping with full insurance via Priority Mail USPS is $9.50. Paypal will be a little more if you choose to use this method. I accept Paypal, Personal check, or Money Order (or Cash, but it is not my responsibility if it is lost).

Best wishes,

Cheers :bier:
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