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WTT (MS): 9mm ammo for .38/.357 (also .38+P for standard pressure .38)

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I traded away my last 9mm pistol, so I'm looking to trade my 9mm ammunition. I'm not looking to sell it, only trade FTF, and I'm only looking for .38/.357 Magnum ammo. I will trade "like for like" (FMJ for FMJ, JHP for JHP, etc...).

Here is what I have:
Winchester Ranger 124-grain FMJ: 300 rounds
Blazer 115-grain FMJ: 100 rounds
CorBon Pow'RBall 100-grain +P: 80 rounds
Remington 115-grain +P JHP: 375 rounds
Federal 115-grain HI-SHOK JHP: 441 rounds
Federal 147-grain HYDRA-SHOK JHP: 50 rounds
Federal 115-grain +P+ HI-SHOK JHP (9BPLE): 200 rounds
Speer Gold Dot 124-grain +P Short Barrel JHP: 120 rounds
Speer Gold Dot 124-grain Short Barrel JHP: 31 rounds
Speer Gold Dot 115-grain Short Barrel JHP: 20 rounds
CorBon 125-grain +P JHP: 40 rounds
Hornady 124-grain TAP FPD: 20 rounds

Finally, I have 100 rounds of Speer Gold .38 Special 135-grain +P Short Barrel that I will trade for 100 rounds of any of the following standard pressure loads:

Federal .38 125-grain Nyclad Premium Personal Defense Hollow Point
Magtech. 38 First Defense 95-grain Solid Copper Hollow Point
Magtech .38 Guardian Gold 125-grain Jacketed Hollow Point
Magtech .38 125-grain Semi Jacketed Hollow Point
Magtech .38 158-grain Semi Jacketed Hollow Point
Hornady .38 90-grain FTX Critical Defense LITE
Hornady .38 110-grain FTX Critical Defense
Hornady .38 125-grain XTP
Hornady .38 158-grain XTP

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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