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I am looking to possibly do some trading on a S&W 342PD (Pre-Lock) in the box. Gun is in very nice shape, close to new.

Check out past auctions to see what they bring. They are near impossible to find, and if you check the S&W Forum, allot of the collectors say it is the most sought after revolver.

Weighs 10.8 oz. The perfect concealed handgun.

I am looking to trade FTF if possible on a nice 1911. Would like to trade toward a Kimber Custom Shop 1911 of some type, but would consider other top of the line 1911's.

If interested in doing any trading please send me a PM.

I also have a like new 340PD in the box I might do some trading with if someone preferred it. Shoots 38's or .357. Like New.

I live about 1 hour from Dallas. Prefer FTF.
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