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I have a few revolvers I never use. I’d like to trade them, but I am willing to sell. FTF in NC is a titanic plus, but I will ship for the right deal. Pics available upon request. Please email my personal account at [email protected]. Responses will be quick and I can email pics directly to you. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. All prices do not include shipping to your FFL (Approx 30$)

I have-

Pre model 10 M&P. 5in barrel with half moon front sight. 5 screw S series. Comes with perfect repro grips AND a set of era correct grips which have seen some love. Great condition, with some minor bluing wear. Cash price- 425$

Mod 10 No dash- ROUND BUTT. 4 inch tapered barrel. Has aftermarket grips. Carry wear in the usual places but still a solid shooter. Cash price $375

Pre model 28 Highway patrolman. 6 inch barrel with adjustable sights. Beautiful finish with minor wear around the muzzle and cylinder. This gun is in fantastic shape. It comes with aftermarket grips for 675$. HOWEVER- I can include some smooth rosewood presentation (Non-coke) grips for 200$ extra. We don’t know if these were the grips the gun shipped with. They are era appropriate, but only a letter from S&W could confirm it.

I want-

Tupperware guns in 45 and 9mm.

G30,36,21,19,26,17,34,17L. XDM full-size or compact. XDS. M&P

I will also listen to 1911 and other S&W revolver offers (Snub nose preferred. K frame snub nose round butt a huge plus).

But, please feel free to send any offer you have. Carry packages or multiple gun (On my end) trades encouraged.
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