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WWB 230gr JHP Self Defense loads suck

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Today I went to wally world and bought 2 boxes of the WWB FMJ and 3 boxes of the WWB Self Defence JHP. Now all the FMJ's were very accurate (7-12 yrds), but the JHP's were all over the place, I had about 3 bad fliers in every mag (sometimes more sometimes less). They are not worth the $18 a box for 50, and dirty, holy cow let me tell ya if you think the WWB FMJ's are dirty buy a box of these :mad: . I mainly bought them to shoot and make sure i wouldn't have any problems with JHP's.

The good news is my new XSE has passed all tests and is ready for carry(as soon as my new K&D Holster gets here), I have put 600 FMJ's through it, and 200 JHP's through it and she never missed a beat, ate everything I fed it :smile:
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Sweet could have told ya they sucked think i put it in a thread somewhere wwb seems to be going downhill as a good cheep ammo
I was unimpressed with WWB JHP in 9mm a while back too - and by all accounts the stuff is getting worse and dirtier.

Glad gun is now well proved - that is good news :smile:
Yeah, guys I have a box and have my 45 stoked with them. I think I am just going to blast them down range and get some Gold Sabers. I priced a box of 185 grain +P but I did not want these. I just plain ol' 230 grain hollow points. Yeah, they suck WWB. I really like carrying my 45 because I like the feel of a full size. However, these WWB could get someone buried. :cool:
Bruce just for what it's worth here is a link to a place to pick up Winchester Ranger T ammo. I just purchased some 230gr for my 45GAP and noticed 230gr ACP was same price at $20.00/box. Might check into it if you want some good self defense loads.
Mike, I checked out the link and it says that Win. has limited the sales of the 45 acp Ranger ammo to LE only. Here is the page that says that.
Bruce, Ranger "T" is here for anyone. :biggrin: []
I've also found Hornady TAP-FPD at this location. been using the 200gr load and am very happy W/ the perceived performance. [of course the perceptions are those of an old fart whos grip is poor from fatigue dragging around this walker. YMMV ] :chairshot
Edit to add: Wow ! Just went to the M.A.H. site, great prices! Thanks.
Bruce Winchester made the restriction to LEO only but there is no laws against the purchase or use by civilians that I know of. Some dealers have made the decision to sell to those of us not in law enforcement. There has been much debate over this issue on the internet. I contacted Massad Ayoob to get the advice of someone that deals with the legal ramifications of use of force on a regular basis. He felt that it would be no problem to use this ammo in a self defense situation and justify its use in court. So of course we all have to make our own decisions about this. There are many other good choices for defensive loads out their. I just wanted to share an alternative with you. Good luck on your choice.
If you want cheap hollow points to shoot, get the Remington hollow points(green box, 100rd pack) from Wally World. Remy is hotter than Winy.
Just today my Natchez Shooters Supplies catalog arrived via the mail and they are the folks I've been ordering ammo through for years offering some of the lowest rates around shipped.

As stated rates shipped are for the Winchester 'Whitebox' and these are per box prices at 50 rounds:

9MM 124gr. FMJ = $8.43
9MM 147gr. TR Con FMJ = $8.91
38SP 125gr. JSP = $10.03
40 S&W 165gr. FMJ = $10.61
45 Auto (ACP) 185gr. FMJ = $13.39
45 GAP (Glock) 230 gr. FMJ = $14.60
45 GAP (Glock) 230 gr. JHP = $18.27
357 SIG 125gr. JHP = $19.39
38 125gr. JHP = $13.40
40 S&W 180gr. JHP = $14.94
45 Auto 230gr. JHP = $$18.04
9MM 115gr. JHP = $10.98
9MM 147gr. JHP = $10.99

The above was typed manually directly from the catalog in exactly the same order verbatim.
Tehy also sell Remington 'UMC' and CCI 'Blazer' at lesser rates amongst others.

- Janq
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