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was out shooting friday. my buddy got a S&W 460 magnum X-frame i thiink(?) BAD A$$ gun..mmmmm.. :biggrin: sorry no 460 mag numbers. the stuff is by "order only"!! they don't even stock it :mad: so he got some 45 long colt. shoulda got 454 casull's but....another day.

anyway got out the chrono and here is some results

45 long colt- not sure of bullet wt.-- 640 to 678 fps

1911 SA Micro (3") (aka: "my lil' pain)

WWB- 230 gr.--716 to 759 fps
Wolf- 230 gr.---672 to 702 fps
Rem- 230 gr. JHP-- 730 to 760 fps

38 special taurus model 85 (snubby)
Rem--158 gr. lead--672 to 690 fps
UMC--158 gr. lead--741 to 790 fps
Federal Prem.-110 gr. hydra-shock--840 to 865 fps

all rounds were a sampling of (5) from each brand.

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Casull good - but if and when I get a 460 - ''full house'' 460, even better :wink:

(Bob - don't say a word!!) :smile:

Those .45acp speeds make the Wolf seem on the slow side. Thx for the datas.
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