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It was WINDY, as in 10-17 mph with gusts up to 24 mph. Everyone’s target stand (with a metal base that weighs at least 10 lbs) blew over at least once. I was shooting MEN 16 7.62x51 ammunition out of my PTR 91 GI Classic, using the iron sights. Unless otherwise noted, I was shooting off of a table with a gun rest.

This is a 7x9" target printed on a piece of 8.5x11 copy paper.

This target is printed on 11x8.5 copy paper. It is supposed to represent a full-size AQT "D" target at 100 yds.

Can one rifle shoot "flatter" than another one? My only other rifle was a Century Arms C308, and after doing a battle sight zero at 25 meters, it seemed to shoot a couple of inches high at 50 yds. That (and the wind, of course) is my excuse for still being all over the place at 50 yds with my current rifle.

This is supposed to represent a full-size AQT "D" target at 200 yds.

When shooting this target (17x22") I was standing, but leaning over and resting one elbow on a small shelf.

This is supposed to represent a full-size AQT "D" target at 400 yds.

Can I take the best three out of ten?

I fired 10 shots at this target (11x17"). My guess is that the 10th round was blown below the backer board. Coming back to my "this rifle seems to shot 'flatter' than my previous rifle" discussion: With my C308 at 100 yds, I'd try to put the very top of the front post on a spot, and the rounds would hit at least 3" above that point. With this target, I (tried to) bring the very top of the front post to the bottom of the target's chin, and all of the rounds hit 2" or more below that spot.

My last target of the day was extra challenging. I was shooting while standing, but leaning over, again. However, the pin holding the upper left corner of the target came out, and the wind would fold the target down and to the right. It was like the enemy soldier was ducking down, standing up to shot, and then ducking down again. It's possible that I timed it wrong and the missing 10th shot hit the backer board during a duck.

Same photo without the flyer.
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