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Fine Knife Lovers ~ Check out my baby. ~ I apologize (in advance) for the poor quality photos. I had to scan non~digital .35mm "regular color photos" & my stupid old scanner is not all that great.
I had a good custom knife maker "rough forge" the "hidden tang" blade for me.
He made me a nice forged Stainless blade! I traded ivory for the blade.
I carved the eagle handle (complete with hundreds of individual neat raised feathers) for a very secure grip. The handle started out as a nice African Elephant Ivory tusk tip. Overall I think the knife measures about 16.5" ~ maybe a tad bit bigger... :eek:
The knife guard & the sheath fittings are heavy satin finished 23k gold plated brass. All the snaps & rivets are also heavily gold plated.
I carved & assembled the leather sheath & notice that it sports a nifty "leg tie" and it pivots whenever the leg is bent. The "eagle eyes" are domed genuine yellow sapphires & I inset the pupils (made of circles of black onyx) into the ivory "eye sockets" ~ behind the eyes. The eyes look very real & "alive" ~ Enjoy. It's a really neat looking fancy Bowie.

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That is a work of art, QKShooter, good work!

Reminds me of the Crocodile Dundee line, "You call that a knife?" <pulls out a Bowie knife> "This is a knife!" :joker:
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