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Your chosen carry wheelie - if applicable

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I'll guess that the 642 is well ''up there'', maybe 637 also.

I ''teethed'' on wheelies (long, long ago!) but these days carry the semi - SIG 226. I did however for some time carry my SP-101 and its weight did add to control. I also for several weeks carried my M28-2 stoked with nice hot 140 Corbon .357's!.

I will still consider the SP as a bug - particularly as a truck BUG category. But for those who do favor revo's - what is your choice and why?
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s&w model 60 with a bobed hammer and a trigger job.
Frank - I ain't gonna let you off that easy - hey come on! :wink:

So M-60 but - why do you like it?
I carry a Taurus 605 .357 on occasion, because it is very accurate (beats my Python at 10 yards on a regular basis), and I have it! Will be changing my ccw next week, and will add my S&W 625 (.45 ACP) because it is so comforting...
sorry for that p95carry
the model 60 (38 sp) has never given me any problems, and it goes bang when i pull the trigger, no matter what. 16 years with no problems. it is the smallest gun that we are allowed to carry on the job as a "bug" and/or for u/c work (we can also carry the m36 and some other s&w j-frame. not the new light weight models). the next gun allow is the glock 26/27. so you see why i like the 60 with +p+ hydro shock ammo for my offical "bug" and u/c gun. had a model 36, but the wife took it away from me 16 years ago after i did lots of work on it (hammer, trigger, etc...)
Colt cobra is what i carry when its a wheelie light and small soon to be replaced with a 44mag not as light but still small
Slightly Off Topic but, a new LEO in my area carrying an early
S&W .44 Mag. ~ NICE gunleather also. (looked custom in deep black) - Very unusual to see a LEO in my immediate area carrying a wheelgun on duty these days.
QKShooter said:
Slightly Off Topic but, a new LEO in my area carrying an early
S&W .44 Mag. ~ NICE gunleather also. (looked custom in deep black) - Very unusual to see a LEO in my immediate area carrying a wheelgun on duty these days.
2 of the cops here carry wheelies one looks like a nickle plated python
P95, For several years I kept a Colt Lawman 2" in .357 in my truck. I choose .357 because I felt if needed, I wanted a strong caliber. The revolver was picked for the usual reason, super reliable. I traveled all over the southeast at all times of the day and night and never worried when I had the Colt near at hand.
If I had some good leather, I'd carry one of my Dan Wesson M15 .357 Mags with my vent heavy 4" barrel loaded with Federal 125 grain JHPs.

I still see the occasional LEO carrying a 2" barreled whatever in ankle holsters.
Of course you guys know that I love my S&W Centennial & (in fact) just carried it today.

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If I can't carry my .45 Commander then It's a S&W 638. I don't like a .357 snubbie personally because of the difficulty of placing follow up shots, at least for me. I like the shrouded hammer because in the event I want to, I can still pull back the hammer for a single action shot. I can slip it in my front pocket in an UM pocket holster. I also have a Fist IWB kydex holster, slightly modified by me, that carries comfortably and disappears under a light tee shirt at 4 o'clock.

As a BUG I can carry in a chest band.

I also carry a jetloader for reload either in a front pocket or in a slightly modified cell phone holster. Looks like a cell phone, not a speedload holder! I actually favor the jetloader over the safariland goods. It has never released rounds accidently even when I dropped it for a test.

Currently carrying +P Gold Dot short barrel 135 gr loads. I find the recoil very controllable for follow up shots and can empty the cylinder into the important places at tactical range pretty fast.

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For cooler weather I carry a S&W 624 or 629 both are 3" N-Frames. Why? Because I can. :image035:

The 44 special is a good round. I am comfortable with it, and carrying the guns that shoot it.

For warmer weather the S&W 696 or 642. The 642 is really a pocket gun for me so I carry it when what I'm wearing won't allow for another method of carry.
my car gun is a Rossi Mod. 461 2" in .357.
My Carry is a 1911

When we switch to semis I had a 2 inch barrel put on my S&W M10.
Colt Revolvers

I sure wish the Colt DA Revolvers (in general) fit my particular hand better because I love the overall exceptional quality of them.
They just don't shoot where I look for me.

I have a S&W 37 Air Weight with a bobbed hammer that I carry now for backup because it is light and I shoot it well.But I still feel it is a little thick in my shorts.I think I may keep it for my truck gun and carry the Kahr CW9 for my bug.My favorite revolver is my Colt SAA but I only carry that open in the woods and sutch.
The wheelie I carry is a 642 in .38sp +p. I decided upon it because it is light, accurate, and didn't break the bank to get it... Based on percieved threat level for a guy that works in an office 4 blocks from his house in a small midwestern town, I believe it fits the bill nicely.

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Don't carry a wheelie much but when I do it's a Ruger SP101 2 1/4".
I carry a S&W 642 when deep cover is my only option or I just want something in my pocket for convenience.

I sometimes carry a 3" model 13 RB just because I love that revolver. The balance is great and the trigger is wonderful.
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