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Your next move- how would you handle this situation?

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Here is a scenario that really happened. I believe this came from Mas Ayoob.

An off-duty plainclothes police officer was walking home late at night. He heard a woman screaming from a nearby alley, which was followed by 2 loud gunshots. The officer quickly went to the corner closest to the alley, and called 911 to report the incident while approaching the scene. He then peered around the corner to assess the situation. He saw a woman lying on the ground, not moving, and a male suspect with a revolver standing above her. The male was angled slightly away from him and was about 25-30 feet away. Then the officer, fearing for the woman's life, drew his own duty weapon, and cautiously approached the suspect. He then trained his weapon on the suspect, identified himself as a police officer, and ordered him to drop his weapon. The suspect started to back away, but did not drop his weapon, despite another order from the officer. Although the suspect was refusing to drop the weapon, he was not making any aggressive movements, and seemed to be more confused than threatening.

If you were in the officers shoes, how would you handle this situation?

How would you approach and handle this same situation as a civilian CCW holder who is armed?

After some discussion on this I will give the real life outcome, which has an interesting twist to it, prompting more thought and discussion.
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well i semi-witnessed an 'incident'.
not sure what really happened and why.
in ohio its a sticky situation to jump in and help unless you know all the details.
911 has been called, i yell for the 'perp' to drop his weapon and he acts confused but non-threatening. hafta assume he is deaf or non-english speaking.
as long as he stood still, left and/or made no further threatening actions i wouldn't shoot him. raise the gun to me he's in gun would be at low ready. at this point marked LEO is enroute. i become a witness and potential aid giver to the downed victim assuming i am not putting myself in any excessive danger. otherwise stay put and wait for LE to arrive.
personally, i ain't losing all i werked for by jumping into an unknown situation with lethal force without provocation. ie: him pointing a weapon at me.

i'd feel for the victim but i don't know what or why this happened. could be a homeowner that just shot a burglar and then if i rushed in i just shot a homeowner!

will be curious as to how it really played out.
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