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Yugo M-48 Mauser

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I purchased a M-48 Mauser from Mitchell's Mausers back in the spring. It is an unissued and practically new carbine version of the venerable (M-?) German Mauser. Shot it for the first time today, shouldn't have though. I've had a shoulder problem for the past 4 weeks, my M. D. thinks it's a torn rotator cuff. Only fired 10 rds. held approx. 3" groups at 50 yd. with 1 flyer each. Anyway the shoulder felt the recoil.

My problem is this, I've got the "short arm disease" Can't see that triangular frontsight very well. I've read about bolt in scope mounts that attach at the rear sight without altering the weapon. Does anyone have experience with this type of scope mount?

Also ran a few rounds through my brace of 45's. Tried double taps on the Para Tac-Four LDA. Tried to work the trigger by releasing it until it reset instead of doing a "slap" motion. Quit trying after punching holes in the pecan tree limb just in front of the orchard range we use at our hunting club. Anyway after firing the Colt Commander, Para-Ord, Kimber Custom CDP II w/laser grips, and the Taurus PT145. The Kimber still is the favorite, even had an offer of $1,350.00 by one of our club members. I smiled and declined, I can't sell on of my children. :wink:
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I've come close to buying one of those Mausers. I have a thing for old military bolt-action rifles.

I have shot a Mauser with a scope mounted in the manner you are describing, but I don't know anything about the actual mount.
I've had a Yugo M48 for several years now - I believe I bought it in '99. Anyway, it was right after they first became available in new condition here in the States.

I took care of the cruddy sights problem by installing a Mojo front and rear sight combo. (In fact, because I did this when Tim at Mojo was first getting started, I first installed the rear sight, and then put the front sight on later when it was introduced.) I would heartily recommend this treatment, as my five-shot groups with Hirtenberger ammo shrank from around 6" at 100 yds to consistently under 2".

The other huge improvement I made to the M48 was to install a Huber Concepts trigger. This got my trigger pull down to a single-stage 2# let-off. Groups are really tight now.

Neither of these mods substantially alters the appearance of your fine old rifle, and neither requires any permanent change or any drilling or tapping. I accomplished them all at the kitchen table, and I'm no gunsmith.
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I like the looks of the Mojo sights and will probably be putting a set on my AK and possibly my SKS.
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