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I've had a Yugo M48 for several years now - I believe I bought it in '99. Anyway, it was right after they first became available in new condition here in the States.

I took care of the cruddy sights problem by installing a Mojo front and rear sight combo. (In fact, because I did this when Tim at Mojo was first getting started, I first installed the rear sight, and then put the front sight on later when it was introduced.) I would heartily recommend this treatment, as my five-shot groups with Hirtenberger ammo shrank from around 6" at 100 yds to consistently under 2".

The other huge improvement I made to the M48 was to install a Huber Concepts trigger. This got my trigger pull down to a single-stage 2# let-off. Groups are really tight now.

Neither of these mods substantially alters the appearance of your fine old rifle, and neither requires any permanent change or any drilling or tapping. I accomplished them all at the kitchen table, and I'm no gunsmith.
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